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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hasta La Vista!

I'm leaving on a Jet Plane

 In another 30 hours I am required to pack all my stuffs and squeeze them into a tiny minuscule store room that contains 26 students stuffs. Yes, I am leaving Sungai Petani for good. I am going somewhere to find myself. Why? I feel so empty this few days. I have achieved everything that I want this semester, with all people around me yet I feel so lonely. Where am I going? It's a secret place. :) I will post the pictures later. For the time being, I want to be disconnected with the outside world.

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After that, I will be leaving Peninsular of Malaysia for my long holiday. In my opinion, it is not a holiday anyway since I am just bombarded by the news from my coordinator that I am required to develop my first 3 chapters of my thesis during holiday. Thus, UMS library will be my second home in December.

I just can't wait to kiss my little precious princess Sophia
I just can't wait to hug my mum tightly.
I just can't wait to sip my mother's chicken herb soup.
I just can't wait to smell my room.
I just can't wait to breath the fresh air of Borneo Island.

By now, I would like to wish HAPPY HOLIDAY to all the readers, my B.Ed TESL Cohort 4 members, my friends from UPSI and IPSAH, and juniors who are leaving Malaysia soon.
Wish I could fit in in this dress again!

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