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Friday, November 26, 2010

My room

My mother is going to be retired next March in 2011 from a school in Keningau after more than 20 years being an educator. Sadly, we are going to leave the indescribably beautiful town of Keningau for good. We are leaving for Kota Kinabalu which is my parents' hometown. This semester break will be my last period to  be spent at my home. Although it is only a headmistress' quarters, there are a lot of both happy and sad memories took place in this place. I spent most of my time in my room when I'm home.
My room is also a place where my good friends will overnight if they are visiting me.

1. Desk

This is my work station. I used to have two similar size tables. However, my mother took one of the tables when I went out for my studies in Kedah. The cover is actually a second hand picnic mat that I bought for RM3. The table lamp was bought by my mum when I was in Form 1.Meanwhile, I always have fresh bunga rampai when I'm at home. The fresh fragrant mixture of daun pandan, flowers and saffron oil is a therapeutic element for me.

A side table that I used to put other knick knacks. Yes, I love daun  mengkuang crafts, and I get the 3 sizes rattan basket for only rm 7 in Pasar Putatan, KK.

Bunga rampai, Mr. Dell, Handphones, Mr Zebra, and books
Tonnes of works

2.My books

These boxes are full with my books. Some of my books are already sent to our house in KK. Yerp, you can see there are several other things on top of it (My green teddy named Miss Trudy, my journals, bags etc). One of the boxes is half full with unread books.

3.Mirrors and face stuffs.

The mirror is actually an antique from my late arwah atok. I am not really into make up as you can see. However, I have several facial stuffs that my mum make me to wear. And of course, Vitamins tablets and perfumes. (yerp, a lot of those I know :) )
Lamp from Kak Rose, Perfumes, Vitamins, Face Stuff, Mr Bulat, Wrislet , Kain Puah Kumbu from Sarawak
Mirror Mirror, who is the most beautiful woman? Well, u can see the answer. LOL

4. Posters. pictures and several other stuffs

Student Life by Sireh
Keychains and pictures

I used to buy Malaysian comic APO? when I was in high school just because I love Student Life section. To the extent that I collect the posters and made several of them as pictures in my room. The pictures of clarinet  was given by my best friend Priesilla when I celebrated my sweet 16 birthday.  The Key Chains are collection  given by peoples, friends and simply collected it from anywhere around the globe.

5. Bed

The pillows are bare without the covers hahahaha...The top pillow is actually considered as  my bantal busuk since I was 9.
I used to sleep here for years. Till 5 years ago I decided to sleep with my mum just because I think that I couldnt meet her for months if I go back to the peninsular. However, I will take my nap here sometimes.

6. Windows

This is my favourite curtain ever. That's why it is in my room. LOL. I love the pink hydrangea on it. While it gives soft and fresh touch to my room. I am a type of person who love bright rooms, except when I am sleeping.
It took an hour to upload this senget picture. If you want to see the image clearly please turn  your laptop or head. LOL

Our own natural swimming pool from my bedroom window.
The respective quarters is situated in the school compound.You could see several buildings block my view to the spacious school’s field. Some of the old buildings are still there and there will be a new project to renew them. 

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