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Friday, November 19, 2010

Vanish into the air

It has been a long time I never spent my time to sit still and listen to the sound of nature, breath the fresh air, smell the fresh cutting grass and laugh on stupid jokes without thinking of works. Don't forget, eat till I forget that I am on diet. lol.

Where did I go for 3 days?

  • Fahmie's house.
          If you want to know who is Fahmi Abidin, he is one of my closed friends in IPSAH. He just ended his 
degree in Art Education and soon he will be called as Cikgu Fahmi. Nasrin, Jack and I who act as if we don't have our own kampung went to his house for Eid Adha. It is an absolutely an ideal choice to be in his house instead of spending eerie nights in IPSAH.Unfortunately, we hadn't taken any picture in Fahmi's house. By the way, he lives in Kuala Nerang.

  • Uncle Osman's Kenduri
They served the best Soy Sauce Beef. Enough saying. Uncle Osman is a closed friend to my family while he was teaching in Sabah. While we were eating in his kenduri, we came out with a theory that the best tea or nescafe that we could find in Malaysia is Teh or Nescafe Kenduri. Jack came out with the explanation that the village folks are using more milk and tea to serve the best tea.

  • Pekan Rabu
Jacques, Nasrin, Fahmi and Fauzan (another photo shoot experiment)

Those who know me well will notice how I hate shopping for cooking ingredients. I was forced to be in here to buy segala pesanan mak-mak dari Negeri Di Bawah Bayu. However, we took the opportunity to snap several beautiful evening scenes in Alor Setar.
Baru berjinak-jinak dengan kamera Fahmi

Dawn at Alor Setar

  • Old House in Alor Setar 
These kind of houses could be found as an evident that Malaysia was once being colonized by British. We don't know any history of this house. We found this house while we were going to Fahmi's relatives house. Sempat lah jugak pose sana sini hahaha.

Jack, Me and Nasrin in front of the abandoned house with our beloved SAGA.

Model Baju Kenduri (Credit to Pamie)

Di belakang tabir pengambaran

One of my experiments.

Narcissist in action! hahahahaha

  •  Perlis
We were visiting Kathy's house. As the so-called English Teacher-to-be, Nasrin and I were shocked when we found a boy from a village boy who could speak beautiful English. 

Kathy, masakan kau amat sedap!!! sayangggg Kathy hahahha...

Kathy, Kak Cik, Aisyah and Teha

  • Photo that I love the most 
Credit to Fahmi Abidin


norsyamimi said...

and i thought nasrin is a girl. a fierce one. because 'she' scold the mat bangla.. ekekeke..

Si Pemikir said...

omg!!!!!!! NASREN IS A MAN...or in between hhahahaahhahahaha