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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We were in Thailand!

I had a plan to go to to Hatyai with my bestfriend , Widya. We planned not to go back to our hometown during Eid. There were few reactions on this. 

Mummy: Are you sure about this, sayang? Are you sure about Thailand?
My mummy is a type of mother who would always trust her children. She would always let her children to make their choice. However, there would be something else that made her not to let me go.

Friends: Betul ke kau nak pergi sana? Kau ni biar betul. Orang lain raya balik rumah.
Number One: My house is in Sabah. I need to book the flight ticket earlier or else I need to pay RM 1500.
Number Two: I've not been celebrating Raya for 5 years. Asam Laksa Instant Noodles is common morning delicacies for me.

Finally, Widya told me that she was required to go back. Instead of continuing her research (yeah, she's doing her Master Degree in Chemistry, I am still doing my 6-year degree in B.Ed TESL fuhhhh), her mother asked her to go back.

So, there it goes. I was left alone in my hostel back in Sungai Petani. Even Hantu dan Kucing pun balik raya. 

One thing that I regret of not going to Thailand is to try their food. I heard a lot about the Tom Yam, glutinous rice with mango and other sumptuous food. Thus, the urge of trying Siamese food is throbbing in my mind. Thus, after 'melantak' in Secret Recipe in Central Square (Oh yeah, this is a common mall that people of SP always go), we (Mila, Sue and I) decided to try the food in a cafe next to SR outlet. Guess what? I dream that I am somewhere in Phuket trying out the heavenly mango and glutinous rice. 

Do I still have the urge to go to Hat Yai. Yup. Next semester , we'll see. 
P/S I forget the name of the cafe.

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