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Saturday, December 18, 2010

11 days to go...

11 days to go back to Sungai Petani, a place where I start to know what is life all about. Then I moved to Tanjung Malim to learn what is campus life is all about, then went back to Sungai petani again to know what is being a practical teacher all about. Oh yeah! stop asking me about this so called Twinning Program all about. Why? because I am surrounded by people who keep asking about the so called 6 years B.Ed TESL program. And I am getting sick when people keep asking these questions:

1) Bila kamu habis study? (When will you finish your study?)
2) Kenapa lama betul kau buat degree? (Why are you taking longer time to finish your degree?)
3) Di mana kamu grade? UPSI or IPSAH? (Where is your convocation? IPSAH or UPSI?)
4) Kenapa kamu terus posting? (Why on earth will you be posted earlier than other TESL students?)

Usually, I would be hesitant to be interviewed with these questions. These were my answers for these questions fro the past 5 years.

1) Lamaaaaaaaaaaaa lagi saya habis...2011
2) Tu lah kan? lambat bah program kami...2 tahun foundation and 4 tahun degree.
4) Because I am sponsored and selected by KPM after I finished my SPM. Of course they wouldnt want to  waste all their money by letting us lazying around.

My answers will be replied with several different face expressions, which I just don't care.
But after went back to IPSAH last year, I realize how different my classmates and I are. We are wayyyy too mature, dan ibarat kata nasren 'KITALAH ABANG ABANG DAN KAKAK KAKAK ITU!" . KPLI students were used to be too matured for me. We used to call them 'ABANG' and 'KAKAK'. Now it is legal to call them 'KAWAN2 KPLI' lol.

11 days to go back to Sungai Petani. I admit that I love the town way better than Tanjung Malim. Cheap food, nice city and nice people. However, I realize that going back to Sungai Petani this time would be harder than any of my trips. THESIS, PEOPLE! Do you hear me YO? There will be more trips to USM. More trips to UUM. I am trying to be positive all the time. One of my dreams is to do research on education and to improve the state of education in Malaysia. This is my first baby step and there is no plan, just do it. Research should be more enjoyable than practical. I bet. I am definitely a people person. (Yeah, I am too cheerful and sometimes my grin makes me look like a schizo--->according to my cousin). However, when I was in my practical, I realised that I need to deal with a pot pourri of characters and work loads. Thanks to that, I lost 5 kgs ...YIPPY!.

There is no turning back. There is no U turn either. I need to face it with an open heart.

Well SP, here I come.


Ibrahim Ismail said...

"One of my dreams is to do research on education and to improve the state of education in Malaysia."
-While the 1st part is what we consider as 'dream comes true', the latter part after 'end' requires you to become a politician (A Puteri UMNO perhaps?). Yes, how funny it is when our edu system is decided by them.

"Now it is legal to call them 'KAWAN2 KPLI' "
-It makes me realise that we're about the same age like them. Lucky me, haven't called anybody 'Kakak' or 'Abang' yet. Although I'm matured now (ahem), I don't feel it physically. There's still a kid in me.

"Kenapa lama betul kau buat degree?"
-Indeed. 6 years, can you imagine? We should've our own money and get married by now.

Si Pemikir said...

Maybe I was too ambitious by saying that at the first place. However, I envy those professors and Dr's. It seems that they have a 'license' and a 'passport' to convey their opinions. At this stage, I am still searching the justification of my research...I REPEAT 'still searching' sigh.
I guess ur campus is more open in term of creativity. I read ur proposal and u r doing something the is related to music and cool... some of my friends' creative ideas are being rejected.

There's still a kid in me too. In fact, I am still attracted to McD's I'm lovin' it.

Getting married is out of my priority now. The explanation from ur blog is enough to describe this issue. Other issue is susah nak cr