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Sunday, December 26, 2010

2 days to SP

My mum decided not to send me to KK, due to her meetings and things to be settled up at her school. To be honest, I haven't settled up with my things and I am a bit tensed up. (Tensed up pun nak gtaw kat blog...sungguh drama lol). My mother informed me that she wants her celcom broadband back, and she promises to buy me a new one. whether maxis or celcom.

Thus, we went to Maxis Centre in my hometown. However, we had misunderstanding and we can't understand what was the lady trying to say. It is something related to the usage of my hp bla bla bla. Finally I made my choice. I bought the 3 Gb celcom broadband and mom paid for me.

Till to this extent, I haven't finished packing up my things, books and clothes and I have a bus to catch at 4pm on the 28th.

This is what we should named new semester blue. Everyone is groaning and hesitant to go back to the campus. Let's see what will I face this semester

  • This is my last semester in IPSAH, Sungai Petani.
  • I will receive my last free allowance this semester.
  • I will end up meeting my 6 years friends and bestfriends and foes this semester.
  • I will meet up TESLIAN from UPSI again.
  • I will miss Sungai Petani and Pakcik Kantin.
  • Menerima azab degree twinning dengan membuat thesis. (Still in love with Mr.t)

 May Allah bless my journey.


Si Pemikir said...

mak tolonggg

Ibrahim Ismail said...

It's good when your Mom would get you a broadband. Could save more $$, esp for the upcoming thesis hardcover x 5 copies printing!
Ps. Turn off the 'adult content only' filtration, please.

Si Pemikir said...

geez..idk how to turn it of. Actually i wanna do invited readers only...

oh yeah,I am sucks at computer.