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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Call me crazy...

There are two foods that I can't really reject in peninsular:
a) Tempoyak
b) Assam Laksa

Tempoyak Menu:
a) Sandwich Tempoyak (Yerp, I make it like butter)
b) Meggi Tempoyak (Gaulkan tempoyak bersama kuah meggi)
c) Bubur nasi tenpoyak (Gaulkan bubur bersama tenpoyak)
d) Nasi Tempoyak (Makan cam sambal)
e) UIam Tempoyak (Macam Sambal juga)
f) Ayam masak kicap dengan tempoyak ( ayam beli kat cafe, n gaul ngan tempoyak)
g) KFC tempoyak (Sedap hingga menjilat jari, campur ngan sos cili)
h) Burger maktab denagn tempoyak (Buat macam cheese)
 dan macam2 lagi yang anda boleh bygkan.

Assam Laksa:
Tempat best makan adalah rahsia..hehe...


Ibrahim Ismail said...

How much is it for a pole of tempoyak? It's made from Durian right?
Ps. Not that I never eat it, only that I only good at eating without really knowing what I'm eating.

Si Pemikir said...

Because of the oh=so lovely tempoyak, I was screaming in Chow Kit Road because I saw a super big mouse. sungguh drama