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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kenny Rogers, and Harris

My watch shown that it was 12 am. Sighing, another day. I was online in Facebook, then I saw the tab highlighted by orange notification. It told me that I received a message from 'Sunoko Naakhara'. Well, don't ask me who the hell is sunoko nakahara is, I think it is one of the Japanese actor or actress. It is a pseudonym of my cousin from Mum's side, Kak Abby.

"Ella, where are you?"
"KK...Putatan to be exact"
"Whose place?"
"Abg Ian"
"Bisuk masih di sini?"
"What are you doing here?"
"Thesis..reference in UMS"
"Fuiyoo, ganas juga. Dari negeri ke negeri"

Well, hidup kena aggressive sikit, baru boleh berjaya. So, I set a date with Kak Abby. She fetch me at Burger King and we drove to One Borneo. Near to my mother's house in Sepanggar. She chose Kenny Rogers for our late lunch. Tea and lunch to be exact, TLUNCH, I call it.  We were caught in the jam as people in KK are celebrating Christmas.

Kak Abby asked me whether I am going to Dad's place for Christmas. I don;t think so. Yeah yeah isn't there anymore. It's just an empty seat from now on. I will smile on how my yeah yeah forgotten that I am Muslim. He will offer me beers, and several of my relatives will gawk at us, waiting for my answer. That is how we are in Sabah. We are assimilated to each other, and it depends on me how I adapt the situation.

Then we roamed around in Harris, a book shop in One Borneo. With only 15 ringgit in my purse, it is impossible for me to buy anything. I have an eye on Stephen Hawking new book and several other non-fiction. It was just yesterday I purchased 'Dork' by Sidin Vadukut. I was nearly reaching shopping orgasm when I met this book again. Why? I will update in my next post. One thing that I realize about reading. Reading can be expensive. And as a  woman and single (ahem), it is magical when I can spend RM400 solely on books without hesitant, and for sure I have more books than clothes.

Kak Abby sent me home. We talked and talked. About love. About Life. We both agree that marriage is something really 'big'. Quotation of the day:

"Ella, you need to love someone much enough for him to be your husband"

I think she is right.

We arrived at home around 7.30 pm. Abang Ian was already off to Masjid Negeri. 'Kelas Taranum' Kak Ida informed us. We spent time together, playing with lil Sophea. Then, Kak Abby went off, went back to Sembulan. I don't know when we are going to meet again. She is always not in Malaysia.


Ibrahim Ismail said...

I knew that you're half-Chinese, but I didn't know that your Dad is a Christian? You must have learnt a lot from this multiculturalism. To be honest, I enjoy being in Sabah better (for the same reason) than in Peninsular - the sentiments here are way too strong, and intolerant.

Si Pemikir said...

Owh Im, my dad is converted to Muslim when he was married to my mother. Half of my family is Christian. Then, my parents divorce. Dad's place means my uncles and aunties' places too.

and this story is not finishes, because my sis in law asked me to fetch things from a friend.

Si Pemikir said...

is not finsihed...grammar tunggang langgang