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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Like a fool

Have u feel like a fool?
I do.
It feels like a dagger in your heart.
but the dagger is invisible,
which is hurt, and you can't pull it,
It's there
still there
and there is no cure to it
I guess.

Because, even the best doctor
couldn't diagnose what is my sickness,
They can't see it,
They can't feel it,
But the pain is cancerous.
It makes my heart rotten,
and replenish again, and rotten,
and replenish again and rotten.
The feelings is mechanical,
it's robotic.
I think it's too robotic till I act like I have no heart to be hurt.

Ella Chin
Kuarters Guru Keningau
15 December 2010
(10 days to Christmas, which I spent with my beloved yeah yeah for the past years, the best memory, and now I am celebrating how fool I am for the past 3 months)

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