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Thursday, December 2, 2010


I am an easily annoyed people. Here is the list of annoying matters that already reach my breaking point.

Semester break means u really have a 'break'. However, the idea of having a break is irrelevant if u live a double life like us, which you will be chased by others asking about works and whatever registeration. Commonlah, it's sickening, and as an easily annoyed person, I sometimes could not tolerate the system itself!

Then, here comes the matter of water problem in my area. This problem makes me miss IPSAH so much which we could savour the water as much as we can. I know its a bad habit, yet everyone needs at least 3 medium pails of clean water to bath. Who are you to deny that.

The third thing that could break my patient is annoying message ring tone. If you live in a dorm like me, you could hear all sorts of ring tone, ranging from Rihanna to any sort of wildlife noise. Hey you people, I know I am only using handphone LG RM 95, I can't afford IPhone4 and I know you you have the most advanced handphone in the world. Could you just please respect people around you who are easily rippled to these kind of thing. I need my sleep!!! Please, please and please use a simple ringtone, as you are sleeping with your handphones 24-7 and I am sure you are not deaf enough to hear it rings everytime your bf, teman tapi mesra, sahabat handai or rakan taulan message you.

Fourth is whatever jewellery that makes 'Santa Claus Sound'. I get enough of ring bells from school and I am sick of any bells that the girls wear. I ain't going to preach here, but I think you know the hukum hakam itself, and you could think it yourself.

Well people, I don't hate you. I don't discriminate people on what people do, wear etc. Well, you know how i am being nice to everyone. But this is just too much!

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