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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We love karaoke like heaven!!!

Tell me, who doesn't love to fantasize of being a very good and popular singer, screaming at the top of your lung although fart sounds are Gazillion better then your voice? Who doesn't love to have a small crowd cheering at your voice when you are screaming the highest note of your song? Because, if you said we are syok sendiri, perasan best or whatsoever, I have at least 7 friends who are considered as Geng Bas Sekolah  Geng Karok.

The evidences are here...

'Karaoke Markah' as Nasrin called it in Sungai Petani (Chekgu was singing lagu Ziana, Nasrin as a backup vocal)

Karaoke Jamban in Tanjung Malim (This was taken during Study Week, Pre Exam Anxiety LOL)

Nasrin, I and KJ. (Ratu Karaoke UPSI)
Gombak, Me, Nasrin and KJ (Tired faces, 3 jam melalak)
One of the trips from Red Box Sogo during Study Week, hell yeah, exam drives us  to be like this (Front Seats: Nasrin, Adha, Back Seat: KJ, Atai and I)
What had happened to us?

This will explain...

The 'terconvert' part is actually our inside joke. My buddy couldn't stop 'bahan' me selama tujuh keturunan because people always thought I am converted to Muslim as I still carry my Chinese Surname.

Till now, tanpa karaoke siapalah kami semua...

Majulah Karaoke Untuk Negara

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