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Sunday, December 19, 2010

What happened when you don't gain your parents' trust to drive?

I have this bad habit while driving. Sabahan said 'Suka main minyak'. I will push the oil pedal as in an elephant stomping on the ground. No. I am exaggerating. However, the action would make my mother scared enough when I'm driving. The situation is optimum enough for her hypertension a.k.a Darah Tinggi to be outraged again. While I was driving Nasrin's car in Sg Petani, the situation lead him to 'meroyan' like 30 minutes. Yes, they are my own version of JPJ and I get free lecture on that issue. They are my own version Driving Tutor, apart of my brother who opens a driving school. To be honest, I do';t know how much is my driving license because it's on him. Sayang Abang Ian.

My  mum don't trust me to drive at all. We always come to an argument about cars. I can't even touch the car key. Yes, I solely depending on public transport. It;s not that my parents couldn't afford a car for me. They just DON'T TRUST ME AT ALL. Pathetic and sadness. Rasa cam super tidak disayangi pun ada juga.

Eh, janganlah pulak kata saya tak bersyukur. In fact, I am quiet lucky. TheHowever, when it come to something really big, really need my responsibility, I am still a baby in front of my parents' eyes. Right now, I am frustrated with them. Please, I am 23 years old and I wanna drive.

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