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Monday, January 3, 2011

Of KKIA, A copy of The Last Lecture, Pesta Sungai Nibong and McD Gurney

30th December 2010

It will be my last flight going back to Peninsular of Malaysia as a degree student. YAY! However, I always promised myself that I will be back to visit KL, SP and Penang at least once in three years. I am just well attached to these places, I guess.

My flight was delayed due to the weather and misconfusion in handling the passengers. The passengers  flight to JB and Penang were scrambled in the departure hall, and I was accidently lined up for JB flight. It took so long for me to wait the flight, then I browse some books in the bookstore. I am not sure whether books in the airport are more expensive, but I manage to get a paperback by Randy Paush, The Last Lecture. I was stucked with a bunch of foreigner tourists. They were asking where am I going and what are the places of interest in Penang. We chit chat a bit and here we go, time to board. I was seated to a deaf guy who is easily rippled in his sleep due to my slow movement.

My stomach growled in the plane. But, the stewardess take a hell long time to serve the food. I switched on my so-called IPOD player, listening to John Legend and start reading The Last Lecture. The book is full of vivid stories that touches my heart. I was on the quarter of the book when the stewardess arrived and I spent hell yeah RM15 meal set, with a ginger bread cookies. YAY!

Then, we landed on Bayan Lepas Airport at 7.30 pm. Nasrin called me and asked

 "Manalah kau ni ELLA?????Kenapa kau lambat"
"Saya punya flight delay bah! Saya di bawah perut kapal terbang neh!"

(Nasrin is a Johorean who could speak fake Sabahn and Sarwakian version. Jangan salah anggap!)

Out of nowhere, I ended up with Nasrin and Shaheer in Pesta Sungai Nibong. At first, we stopped at an ice cream stall. We paid RM1  for each half melted cone of ice cream. Honestly, I was very thirsty and needed water very badly. Then. we stopped at a bottled juice stall and pay RM 1 for the juice. Quiet cheap anyway.

Then, both nasren and Syaher was excited when they saw a carpet was sold at only RM10. OMG! RM 10!. They grabbed one big carpet and quickly check for its quality and pay for it. I could say that they were the only men that wrestle among the aunties in the stall, while I was standing not very far, eyeing which carpet look the best. The three of us were walking around with a roll of big carpet. We took turn to hold it, till we reached the haunted house. (Yerp, there is a funfair which offered games like Genting and Time Square).

Honestly, I never being in a haunted house before. I seldon been in a fun fair, or whatever Taman Tema they called it. Thus, we were very excited about it. However, each commuter to be in the haunted house only offered two seats.

"Weh, rumah hantu!!! Jom masuk!!" Len said
"Jom Jom"
"Tapi, siapa nak duduk sorang2" (Nasren dan Syaher wee looking at me)
"Of Course aku tamaw!" Syaher
"Main Lat Ta Li Lat, sape sama masuk sama!" Len said.
'Aku tamaw masuk klu aku masuk sorang;-I told them

Finally they agreed that the person who gets the same hand's position with me will enter with me. Hahahaa...
The winner is NASRIN!!!
Yet, we don;t enter the haunted house as the ticket costs RM10. Gila dowh! RM 10 tu leh makan  5 kali sup ayam ngan nasik kosong kat kafe...Then we left the place.

...Until we reach to the other side , we were amazed with the Challenger. Menjerit2 manusia2 dalam tuh. Syaher refused to go since he is phobia with height. However, syaitan Nasrin dan Ella berjaya memujuk syaher (yang jugak agak setan) dan karpet beliau utk naik challenger. We were lining up till our turn came out.
I told Syaher and Nasren to say the syahadah because I was really afraid of any sudden death.
At first, the swing was still could be accepted, till we were throen 180 degrees from the ground. Suddenly, I heard doa-doa mustajab seorang bakal cikgu...


Hambek korang, aku dah cakap kan suruh ingat tuhan. Hahahahahahaa...

This is the UFO  thing yo! (taken from

Buai laju-laju, sampai cucur atap! (taken from

Sumpah pening lepas tu. Tapi karpet still maintain usung walau kena jalan kaki 1 km sebab parking jauh.

Then we stopped at Bayan Lepas, lepak makan kerang till 3 am. Then sambung kat McD nak jumpa kawan Nasrin, they they cancelled it. McD gurney was full with univ students yang buat susun jadual.

31st December 2010
Reach SP. Taking Syaher;s stuff, then lepak umah nasren sampai jam 8. Makan nasi lemak n tido.


Ibrahim Ismail said...

There's a sentimental value about 'Pesta Pulau Pinang'. One of our family's hotspot back then when we were in Penang.

Si Pemikir said...

wow! really...
please dont tell me u did not drag a carpet all the time like

Najihah Alya said...
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Najihah Alya said...

thanks for linking my blog. :)
actually, i took it fro google image. XD

Si Pemikir said...

Hi there...
Thanks for viewing my blog...
anyway, CHALENGER thingy is really a challenge right?
I both enjoy and scared of the ride.