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Monday, January 31, 2011

The stolen detergent mystery is resolved!

I woke up at 5 am just to read Rod Ellis, ended up snoring on my 'PUAKA' bed for 2 hours. My asthma came out in the mid of nowhere (guess it is due to my thesis stress and friends' cigarette smoke) and I need to get my inhaler and cough syrup.
I woke up due to the noise from the hostel compound and I saw makcik cleaner was cleaning up the drain. Then, with my muke 'selenge' and 'mamai' I went downstairs asking if she happened to see my detergent and softener. After a few questions and investigations (for the bottle features, jenama etc etc) she just keep the 'empty' bottles and intended to send it to the recycle.

Me:(Thinking while following the aunty to the store) I just refilled the soap 2 weeks ago, how come it becomes empty now.

Aunty: Ni je lah yang ada nak..makcik ingat dah tanak guna dah..nak pi hantaq recycle , naseb baik tak hantaq lagi.

Me: Oh takpelah makcik, saya pun nak isi semula je. (tersengih)

I put the detergent near to the washing machine. Maybe somebody thinks that it could be used for free before holiday. Marah pun tak guna kan? sedekah jelah. at 10am, I walked down the campus, took a bus to Sg Petani town, walked to CS and get myself a packet of Breeze 2 kgs liquid detergent, a container of fairy cookies, inhaler and cough syrup.

Clean clothes just can be my simple pleasure now.
Still waiting for the allowance, I have to bear with the poor life of teacher trainee...
I should have started running again, but my ankle is just too bloody painful now...


Ibrahim Ismail said...

I know it's a lot of money, but as you said, charity at this moment should be a noble deed.
I feel like running again, as well.

Ps. Did you set your blog 'private' again?

Si Pemikir said..., now i know how u really irritated with the private thingy...
I am just too lazy to explore this blog (alasan paling mudah)
i have stopped running for the past 2 weeks...
I just met the aunty who could urut my kaki..have an appointment with her at 10am...