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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Enjin mula panas...

Ok, I admit that I start this semester lazily. Perhaps its because that this is my last semester, or I maybe i really feel secure with my PNGK. I lazied around, keep planning but not doing the work. I was even to lazy to think critically for my journal entry in Reflective teaching course. To be honest, somehow I don;t feel that I am THE NC that I knew. Who would always being energetic, able to face any problem and manage to stay positive (but sometimes menjerit tak tentu arah bila stress) Hahahaha...

I went to Libarary Sendut USM twice. The name is cute for me, and it rather or somehow become an inside joke between my friends and I. One thing that I realize is I never sit and think about my thesis. Now, after scanning, scheming and writing, I do sit and think abt my subject. OK, enjin sudah these 2 weeks I need to repair my first, second and third chapter and go to school for the survey.

Exercise Log:
My coursemates are required to organize amazing race for ELT week.Each of us has our own duty, including me who is going to be in duty for checkpoint 2. Thus, today we have Test Run a.k.a rehearsel. I was selected to be the runner (ces, selected ke? volunteer?) hahaha..but it takes me 2 hours to run around the campus and complete the task, and the only one whom manage the 10 stations! yay..bangga kejap hahahaha

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another beautiful birthday....

They brought a chocolate cake with fresh frosting...They sang a beautiful song... They wishED me well...I just have another beautiful birthday...

Mummy, Dayang Junaidah Damit, for being a mother to me...for being there when I burst into tears, for the money u gave, for the hug and kisses that would never be enough.

Abang and Kak Ida and lil Sofea...for changing my life, for the sense of belonging.

Classmates, coursemates a.k.a sisters (mengikut susunan bilik)
Jia Ling, CK, Chien Chien, Mila, Ina, Ruhi, Jes, Yoghee, Sue, Ima, Michelle, Sharmila, Syikin
For the sense of belonging, for being there to hear my stories, for being there for 6 years..(geez I know its a long time)

The boys of Cohort 4, for the beautiful early morning singing and wishes

For Juniors, FB Friends, IPSAH Friends
Whom wishes me all day in IPSAH...Thank You...

For friends,
Widya, and Iskandar...
For the talk, wishes, discussions, arguments...etc etc


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Again (2)

Have you ever encountered that you have to answer the same questions  OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN all of your life?
Yes I have...
These are the 2 questions

1) Tak balik kampung ke? Kenapa tak balik kampung? Kenapa tak ikut kawan2 balik kampung?
I ALWAYS and FOREVER encounter this kind of question while I am in IPSAH. Masa kat UPSI takde plak...sebab upsi lagi ramai org sabah sarawak, even yang dari semenanjung pun melangut kat kolej masa cuti. But I am an 'endangered' species here. Yeah, I was the only Sabahan when I entered IPSAH. Thanks God that my species has expanded, so the pak gaurd or mak guard would not pandang semacam at me (I think, they think I am a ghost kot... ghost yang g bungkus nasi depan maktab hahaha)

Talking about ghost, there was once maktab tak tutup masa cuti. Time tu J QAF masuk. dan time tu aku guna number digi, which i have to run 2 blocks to get a line. Jalan mudah menutup aurat time tu ialah dengan pakai hood. Then, when I was talking to the phone I perasan ada sekumpulan MAKCIK2 kakak2 jqaf mengendap2 tengok aku...fine...I dont care...

Then, the next day I ate at the cafe (wearing the same hood, but with proper tudung), then satu makcik JQAF ni terjah aku...
seriously, on that time I was just stunt...what's wrong with this people? They are even learnt and have a degree in religious study...dia tak eprnah ke dengar tegur secara berhikmah...???
then, I figure out from the warden's wife that they kecoh kata jumpa hantu a.k.a lelaki atau unidentified object dekat pagar block A...then, isteri warden tu tny "Apakah feature2 objek tersebut?" (kot)

This is what they told
"Muka dia pucat, rambut panjang, tutup muka, pakai sarung kepala"
"Dia macam lelaki, tinggi, penceroboh kot" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Ok, Ibrahim, since u r the only one who read this...hahaha

Pernah terfikir, baik wat kad macam zaman sekolah rendah dulu, klu nak g tandas kena wat pas besar papan nak tulis
"Saya tak balik kampung, kampung di Sabah, saya tak de duit nak balik, saya segan nak melukut kat umah kawan 3 minggu. Sekian"

2) Kenapa korang sekejap belajar di kedah, sekejap di UPSI???
For God Sake, penat dah aku nak terang..
We are doing Twinning programme. Sebab kpm punya plan, which I cant comment on saya wat degree grade di UPSI...sekian...

Friday, February 4, 2011


I really think that my blog turns into my thesis blog...and allowance blog

Thesis log:
I know I have worked hard, but it is not hard enough to produce a successful thesis... Enough saying. Done with Chaoter 2, move to Chapter 3...Tonite I dine in Block Kota Si Puteh...muehehehe...

Allowance Log:
The other day, Nasrin and I were whining about on the lkate release of our allowance. Then, Raynur asked us "Why do you want your allowance? Kalau keluar pun kita semua kena jimat. 3 bulan takde gaji beb... "
I am ashamed of myself. I should know how to manage my money. Raynur is a 'God' in saving. H ecould only spend RM2 for his food everyday. Masak nasi sendiri. BTW, he is vegeterian. Not because of religion or belief, just because he wanted to save... I couldn't be a maybe I could adapt some of their tips.

This semester I would only spend half of the allowance. The other half save...

Exercise Log:
I am just pathetic..enough saying...Kaki, tolonglah sembuh cepat...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Second Day CNY

Dorm Log:
I really think that each room need to have a sink a.k.a wash basin. Why? It takes me  2 minutes to walk to and fro to the wash room just to wash and rinse my coffee mug. It is really such a waste of time.

Thesis Log:
I am still in chapter 2. There's just too many things now. I just figure out that the final date of proposal submission is this 14 Feb (it is a date which my name is registered as NC). Time is really running out. I plan to finish the VLS Taxonomy section this afternoon and continue reading the journals this evening and start typing on the Implication of Vocabulary Knowledge on Reading Comprehension. I really hope that I have the NINJA SPEED BRAIN to finish all the stuffs,

Exercise Log:
I have not jog for 2 days in order to give my sprain ankle a rest.  I think I will slow jog for 2 km this evening.