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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another beautiful birthday....

They brought a chocolate cake with fresh frosting...They sang a beautiful song... They wishED me well...I just have another beautiful birthday...

Mummy, Dayang Junaidah Damit, for being a mother to me...for being there when I burst into tears, for the money u gave, for the hug and kisses that would never be enough.

Abang and Kak Ida and lil Sofea...for changing my life, for the sense of belonging.

Classmates, coursemates a.k.a sisters (mengikut susunan bilik)
Jia Ling, CK, Chien Chien, Mila, Ina, Ruhi, Jes, Yoghee, Sue, Ima, Michelle, Sharmila, Syikin
For the sense of belonging, for being there to hear my stories, for being there for 6 years..(geez I know its a long time)

The boys of Cohort 4, for the beautiful early morning singing and wishes

For Juniors, FB Friends, IPSAH Friends
Whom wishes me all day in IPSAH...Thank You...

For friends,
Widya, and Iskandar...
For the talk, wishes, discussions, arguments...etc etc


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