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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Enjin mula panas...

Ok, I admit that I start this semester lazily. Perhaps its because that this is my last semester, or I maybe i really feel secure with my PNGK. I lazied around, keep planning but not doing the work. I was even to lazy to think critically for my journal entry in Reflective teaching course. To be honest, somehow I don;t feel that I am THE NC that I knew. Who would always being energetic, able to face any problem and manage to stay positive (but sometimes menjerit tak tentu arah bila stress) Hahahaha...

I went to Libarary Sendut USM twice. The name is cute for me, and it rather or somehow become an inside joke between my friends and I. One thing that I realize is I never sit and think about my thesis. Now, after scanning, scheming and writing, I do sit and think abt my subject. OK, enjin sudah these 2 weeks I need to repair my first, second and third chapter and go to school for the survey.

Exercise Log:
My coursemates are required to organize amazing race for ELT week.Each of us has our own duty, including me who is going to be in duty for checkpoint 2. Thus, today we have Test Run a.k.a rehearsel. I was selected to be the runner (ces, selected ke? volunteer?) hahaha..but it takes me 2 hours to run around the campus and complete the task, and the only one whom manage the 10 stations! yay..bangga kejap hahahaha

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Ibrahim Ismail said...

We're separated by the South China Sea, but it seems we don't differ much. I've undergone both situations. Just completed the thesis (it's approved, alhamdulillah!) and we just had the 1 Malaysia Jogathon last Saturday -- I just love it.

Ps. You won't get muscle cramps as the others as you've been jogging all this while. It's time to shine!