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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Second Day CNY

Dorm Log:
I really think that each room need to have a sink a.k.a wash basin. Why? It takes me  2 minutes to walk to and fro to the wash room just to wash and rinse my coffee mug. It is really such a waste of time.

Thesis Log:
I am still in chapter 2. There's just too many things now. I just figure out that the final date of proposal submission is this 14 Feb (it is a date which my name is registered as NC). Time is really running out. I plan to finish the VLS Taxonomy section this afternoon and continue reading the journals this evening and start typing on the Implication of Vocabulary Knowledge on Reading Comprehension. I really hope that I have the NINJA SPEED BRAIN to finish all the stuffs,

Exercise Log:
I have not jog for 2 days in order to give my sprain ankle a rest.  I think I will slow jog for 2 km this evening.


Ibrahim Ismail said...

You 'think', so you 'did' go to jog? :))

Si Pemikir said...

I hahA