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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The News from Home

Mother and I are officially moved to Kota Kinabalu. There is nothing left in Keningau, but memories that are carved permanently in our hearts. Keningau has taught us many lessons, in fact mother and I are both 'growing up' in Keningau. Mother remained stay in Keningau after she divorced with daddy. As strong as she can be, she raised me up as a single parent and I guess despite of the disadvantages being a single parent, I could say she is one of the wonderful women that I ever met.

How much I miss Keningau. I miss to jog at Perkasa Hill. I miss the freezing wind after Subuh. I know that I could get the freezing wind since I am living at the top of Bukit Sepanggar Hill everyday, but it never could be the same. Besides that, the vege and fruit taste different in KK. Yerp, Sabahans know that another best spot of fresh vege and fruit after Kundasang is Keningau. Tak makan sayur bulih sembelit wo!!!!lol

Another thing that I could not forget is Pasar Malam and Hiap Lee Shopping Store. It is heaven of every fresh food... I really dont mind being posted to Keningau...Seriously

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