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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Makcik Cleaner, Tukang Pungut Sampah, Pencuci Tandas.

I used to be ignorant. Yes, I am. I made a silly joke on these kinda job. Particularly, we categorised these jobs as blue-collared. Till one day, a good friend of mine in campus made a status of the job "Tukang Sapu" and he admitted that his mom is a tukang sapu. Reality pangs me. I don't know on how does it start that people, basically in Malaysia always make a mockery remark on these kinda job. Well, hey this is not the only time that I encountered this kind of remark. There was once, I don't know how, but I was in a group of people talking. A guy told us that his job is "Tukang Pungut Sampah" with a mockery laugh. This happened after I realised that blue-collared job is a serious business. Then, realise that I barely know this guy and I would not meet him after that moment, I told him that "My father is a tukang pungut sampah. and yeah, with his halal salary I studied and manage to be here". Well, its cliche and my clique would say I buat ayat poting, nut so what? He learnt his lesson and apology.

Well, how am I inspired to write down this entry. I was sitting on the couch while waiting for my Rice Porridge (Iftar Menu) is cooked. Habitually, I would switched on the TV and scan the channel. Coincidentally, the TV is set on Astro Ria and 'Kalau Berani, 1 VS 0' was on air. I stopped on that channel as Didi Alias was calling upon a bunch of 'Makcik Cleaner' to the studio, that later she explained that the aunties were to replace the artists that lost in the game. I really think that a cheapskate joke that I wonder why the audience laugh at them, and I wonder too why does the aunties agree to be on the studio. Isn't that we have an intelligent joke to be laugh at? and where does our sensitivities go?

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