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Friday, August 5, 2011


I am just waiting to be vanished into the air...POOF!!!
But I can't...
Posting is not here yet. We are living with fears and uncertainties. Well, I hate that.
Just done with my Convocation Affairs. After so much drama. Hell yeah, I survived my wisdom teeth extraction 2 days before my flight.
I still remember how white the clinic was, and how nice the Dr is. After a few jabs, I can't talk, I was numb. The world was silent for a while. I found peace in myself, even hours after the extraction. I just need to be quiet for few hours. Anything or anyone need not my explanations.
Wish that I am always that numb so that I would not feel the pain. On the convocation day, I saw her smile. Not really that wide but it's a proud smile. I thought she never felt what does her bestfriend thought of her actions. Let it be as I am just an observer. Even I admitted that I am a hypocrite myself, well I smiled watching her from far.
I am happy right now. At least that I am happy that I made my mummy prouds of me. To the other side of family, well yeah I still feel that "i am 'the daughter' from Keningau who gets First Class Honours in University". Well daddy, this is for you too... :)


Ibrahim Ismail said...

Bah. Pigi la ko brtapuk untuk another 6 months baru ko mo kasi update blog. Merajukk sda sy.

Si Pemikir said...

bah..nnt lama2 lagi sia bertapuk haha