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Sunday, September 18, 2011


I couldn't sleep. So much ramblings in my mind right now. While Malaysians were celebrating Malaysian Day, I was celebrating my inaugural forced freedom. I have deleted him from my facebook and yahoo messenger. Realised that there is nothing left for us. Heard that he had found someone new, he achieved his dream. It's too melancholy for me. Nevermind, I would find someone like you. Dear ZRAR, this song is for you... :)

Convocation for Dummies

At last, after 6 excruciating, torturing yet enjoyable years, I myself have graduated with First Class Honours. Alhamdulillah and I rather think that my success would be an inspiration for others. We can do it in our own way. I considered that I was graduated quiet late, comparing to my other friends who are mostly doing their masters now. Well, I am bound with KPM's rules. These are some pictures that I would like to share.

Michelle and I
Say Cheese!!!

Partner assignment terbest di dunia

Michelle, Bob and I

With my classmates

Madonna of UPSI

Jessica and I (before studio photo shoot)

Mummy, Nasrin and I
Best friends forever~! <3

With Jooraimie Bieber, Partner in Crime of Mamak UPSI
Amoi... (Nasren pun mengaku amoi haha)
Manusia Panjang

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Make the best of being jobless

Well, basically I am lazy bump because I have not been doing any part-time job since May. It means it has been 4 months I have been doing nothing except for studying for the KISSM course and attended my graduation in Tanjung Malim. Although there are zillions of comments and complaints of us being not posted to schools yet, I am trying my best to make the best of being jobless. Every seniors whom have asked about my postings would advise that I should take this opportunity to relax. Well these are the things that I think take places in my life for these 4 months.

1. Reading all the books that I haven't read. 

I promise to myself that I wouldn't purchase any books anymore. Well, I am wrong. In fact, I visited Harris  (the bookshop that is near to my home), seduced by the 'RM19.90 FOR EACH SELECTED BOOKS' and ended up buying 3 books. They are Love's Shadow by Ada Leverson, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath (a kudos for English lit students), and The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster. Up-to-date, I have another 23 books to be read. The sole reason that I don't read these books is because I found out that they are good books but I was too busy with assignments, academic writings and reading and teaching practical.

2. Appreciating friends with self handmade pop-up card.

I love paper craft. Everyone who is closed to me would know that I would spend some times just to make them a handmade card. Recently, I sent some of my friends with these cards through snail mail. Well, the stamps to any domestic places in Malaysia has been increased to 60 cents and for bigger cards it is 80 cents. (Well, I did roll my eyes to the stamp counter girl coz it cost me more then RM5 just for stamps. Well, I am jobless with not enough money. RM10 is a lot. lol)

Taken from Jessica's facebook

3. Arranging, rearrange and rearrange my room.

Yeah, I have a new room. Well, my mum has sold several books shelves before we leaved Keningau and it ended up I have no room for my books. I decided to keep books that I would read or reread on the shelves and leave others in boxes.

Additionally, I have a new big and sturdy desk. I really mean it, It's big and I could even keep my cosmetics, fan, laptop, study lamp, some books, rattan baskets and still have rooms for other things. Thanks to my mum!

4. Preparing for teaching.

I made a new name tag, and for that I changed my name into 'FADZILLAH CHIN' instead of 'CHIN'. I rearrange the endless collection o baju kurung and scarfs. I asked my mum's permission to bring the new iron and rice cookers in case I am going to be posted far away from home. Rereading teaching theory and grammar books. Tapi postingnya tak jugak... :((

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Book shopping.

Shoes and Women
Woman couldn't live without shoes. Well, that's true. But I would shop for a very good pair of shoes, it cost more and I'll shop less. However, I can't stop shopping for books. Thanks to MOE for giving me allowance on book. It's RM800 for every year. As a book shopper I would like to share my ways on doing my shopping.
1. I would plan a trip to good book shops.
When I was in Keningau, I seldom shop for books that I would read for leisure. I would spend my time in the public library or school library. Luckily, they have big collections of English books. For books in Bahasa Malaysia, I would go to Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka, situated near Sri Keningau Restaurant and Pasar Malam Keningau. On holidays or weekends, I would spend some money on books, usually in Eaton's or Popular in Kota Kinabalu.

When I was sent away to my second hometown of Sg Petani (Boleh pulak mengaku haha), I could always go to MPH Tesco or Popular in CS. Recently, they have Popular in the new Tesco which is in front of my practical school. Yerp, spend time there a lot while waiting for my friends from SMK Bakar Arang to fetch me up. 

Early of semesters when I was  in SP, I would plan trips to Penang to go to Borders or MPH as they have wide range of books. While I was in Tg Malim, I would go to Kuala Lumpur by bus or KTM, to visit Borders, MPH and sometimes Kinokuniya. 

2. Browse information on books via the internet.
This is quiet a useful step that I have practiced throughout these years. I would visit website such as Oprah's Book Club, read reviews on books or search for books from the writer that I like. So that I could save more time, and utilize my extra hour on searching for other books. 

3. Check out friend's recommendations. 
Not all of my friends love reading even though we are from the 'Education Family' and specifically from 'Literature People'. But, I have some of my friends who love reading. I often listen to their recommendations and check out the book. However, it doesn't mean that I would purchase every book recommended by them. 

4. To save money, I shop in second hand bookstores.
I don't know any second hand bookshops in Kuala Lumpur. However, I always went to Chow Rasta Penang to get books from the first floor store. This is when browsing for books in the net is important. The price is cheap, some books are still new and they even have books from the 1920's. Yeah, you can ask for discount as well. However, the disadvantage is you can't get any receipt if you purchase books from there. My parents are tax payers and they would like to see the receipt in order to cut off their payments.

5. Books galore in Books Festival, discounts etc.
Again, this kinda events are good to save money and to widen your prospects on different publisher. Ironically, I always over spend in these kind of

6. What would I do while I am in the bookstore.
I don't know about other readers, but I really judge a book by its cover. I found out that I am attracted to books with orange cover without knowing the reason why. Well, I would go to sections of books that I feel like reading. I am more to Non-fiction, history, literature and novels. I used to think that I might like Chick lit, however, after several experience of reading these kinda books, I feel that most of the novels are monotonous in the sense of  its plot would end happily ever after. The only chick lit writer that I love is Sophie Kinsella. 

So, what ways do you practiced when you do your books shopping? Tell me more...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My first haul: My HG (Holy Grail) Skin Care.

Being a patient of eczema, I have a very, VERY sensitive skin. My skin is sensitive to the extent that there were several times I went to the emergency room due to my allergy reaction. Being a woman that has eczema, I DO have an urge to get beautiful face skin. I have tried many skin products that claim that I would have porcelain-like skin. To my disappointment, my eczema became worst and I have acne here and there. There is one GOLDEN RULE that I learnt as a woman and consumer; price and popularity do not determine the quality and suitability of the product on you. To this extent, these are the products that I am still using and think that I am suitable to them. Check it out!

1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
I am not a make up wearer as I am sensitive even to cosmetics. I've tried several mineral make ups, still they don't suit my sensitive skin. You could get the information of this product in here. Well, this is the most gentle skin or face cleanser that I ever use in my life. It doesn't give any burn or tight reaction after I wash my face, and it doesn't dry up my ready dried face skin as well. In fact, I really love the emollient feeling after washing my face. 

2. Eucerin Sensitive Skin Balancing Toner

Picture is taken from here

As we all know that eczema couldn't be exposed to alcohol, Eucerin's toner works very well as it refreshes my skin everytime I wash my face. Additionally, it is fragrance and alcohol-free.  It delivers its purpose to refresh and purify your skin. But the most important thing here is I am really comfortable with this toner and it just feels like you are swiping your face with fresh water before you moist your skin. 

3. Eucerin White Extra Treatment Serum SPF 40

Picture is taken from here

To be honest, there was several times I had acne problems and it leaves scar and pigmentation. This serum delivers it results very well. My mum noticed the changes on my skin after using it for few months. It is non-greasy and easily absorbed and need to be used before you apply any moisturiser on your skin. Plus, I love the fact that this serum has high SPF that suits the tropical weather in my country. This serum cost me around RM70, if I am not mistaken.

4. Olay White Radiance, Intensive Whitening Lotion, SPF 24
The picture is taken from here

I have to admit this. I NEVER want to try this moisturizer because I was afraid that I am allergy to it. When I get its 30ml sample in Cleo mags, I just keep it in my drawer, till one day I feel that my skin is very dry and I was about to be exposed in the sun for my extra curricular activity in campus. I was running out with my Eucerin, and 'pasrah kepada kehedak Ilahi'. I used this to cover up my skin. To my surprised this lotion works well on my skin. I have no allergy reaction and there's no acne popping on my skin after I applied it. I finish the 30 ml samples and being too confident, I switched to an expensive line of skin care and there it went. I have allergy reactions and acne as well. I've been trying to use other skincare for sensitive skin but it was failed. Recently, I went out and decided to get my Olay white radiance lotion again, and it never fails. Love this one so much! and the price is only RM24 for 75ml, that would last for maybe 6 months. Olay is a trusted brand. There's a lot of people that I know use Olay especially Olay Total Effect. I admit that I use OTE once before, it is good but I couldn't stand the fact that it makes my skin became oily. I gave my OTE to my sister-in-law and I could see how her face skin is improved and her colleagues couldn't believe that she is using Olay Total Effect. I guess that it works well with normal skin. 

I realize that I am using so much whitening product. I live in a tropical country and need spf, but at the same time I am allergy to UV protector. I really hope that this post would help other who have sensitive skin like mine. However, this is not the only way to prevent my allergy reaction. I have food and environment allergy as well. Therefore, I take several precautions and steps  to prevent the reaction. I shall talk about that in other post.Well, till now, I have to do my morning run tomorrow. Hasta La Vista.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Raya; in my own definition.

For raya, I could see how every or maybe, almost Malaysians spend so much time and money for its preparation, including my family. My mum would be stressed out, nephews and nieces would be yell at for being naughty, people starts to nag and more hearts would bleed in Ramadhan. Raya is everything to everyone, even to the none Muslim friends as it is a major celebration in Malaysia.

For the past 6 years, I am being different with Raya. I would tell excuses like 'Tiket Mahal' and making that as my sole reason would always lead people to make a sad face to me. In fact, I am just lazy. No baju raya, no hustle and bustle to reach airport and fly, it;s just me, my assignments, and my laptop.

The bottom line is, why we are so serious in celebrating Raya. It's a celebration and celebration should make us happy. Why do we need to stressed up to buy Baju Raya while we have tonnes of it in our wardrobe?. I might sound different, I might sound that I am too minimalist in everything, yet I really think that we have gone too far from the real meaning of Raya.

I told my mum few days back that I really wish a slow and steady raya. We just cook for family and relatives, go for Raya pray, salam-salam and eat. There is no need to be angry for the curtain is not ready and for the baju raya is not done. Raya is by the way, a mark for the end of Ramadhan; the month that we should be bother off.