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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Book shopping.

Shoes and Women
Woman couldn't live without shoes. Well, that's true. But I would shop for a very good pair of shoes, it cost more and I'll shop less. However, I can't stop shopping for books. Thanks to MOE for giving me allowance on book. It's RM800 for every year. As a book shopper I would like to share my ways on doing my shopping.
1. I would plan a trip to good book shops.
When I was in Keningau, I seldom shop for books that I would read for leisure. I would spend my time in the public library or school library. Luckily, they have big collections of English books. For books in Bahasa Malaysia, I would go to Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka, situated near Sri Keningau Restaurant and Pasar Malam Keningau. On holidays or weekends, I would spend some money on books, usually in Eaton's or Popular in Kota Kinabalu.

When I was sent away to my second hometown of Sg Petani (Boleh pulak mengaku haha), I could always go to MPH Tesco or Popular in CS. Recently, they have Popular in the new Tesco which is in front of my practical school. Yerp, spend time there a lot while waiting for my friends from SMK Bakar Arang to fetch me up. 

Early of semesters when I was  in SP, I would plan trips to Penang to go to Borders or MPH as they have wide range of books. While I was in Tg Malim, I would go to Kuala Lumpur by bus or KTM, to visit Borders, MPH and sometimes Kinokuniya. 

2. Browse information on books via the internet.
This is quiet a useful step that I have practiced throughout these years. I would visit website such as Oprah's Book Club, read reviews on books or search for books from the writer that I like. So that I could save more time, and utilize my extra hour on searching for other books. 

3. Check out friend's recommendations. 
Not all of my friends love reading even though we are from the 'Education Family' and specifically from 'Literature People'. But, I have some of my friends who love reading. I often listen to their recommendations and check out the book. However, it doesn't mean that I would purchase every book recommended by them. 

4. To save money, I shop in second hand bookstores.
I don't know any second hand bookshops in Kuala Lumpur. However, I always went to Chow Rasta Penang to get books from the first floor store. This is when browsing for books in the net is important. The price is cheap, some books are still new and they even have books from the 1920's. Yeah, you can ask for discount as well. However, the disadvantage is you can't get any receipt if you purchase books from there. My parents are tax payers and they would like to see the receipt in order to cut off their payments.

5. Books galore in Books Festival, discounts etc.
Again, this kinda events are good to save money and to widen your prospects on different publisher. Ironically, I always over spend in these kind of

6. What would I do while I am in the bookstore.
I don't know about other readers, but I really judge a book by its cover. I found out that I am attracted to books with orange cover without knowing the reason why. Well, I would go to sections of books that I feel like reading. I am more to Non-fiction, history, literature and novels. I used to think that I might like Chick lit, however, after several experience of reading these kinda books, I feel that most of the novels are monotonous in the sense of  its plot would end happily ever after. The only chick lit writer that I love is Sophie Kinsella. 

So, what ways do you practiced when you do your books shopping? Tell me more...

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