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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Convocation for Dummies

At last, after 6 excruciating, torturing yet enjoyable years, I myself have graduated with First Class Honours. Alhamdulillah and I rather think that my success would be an inspiration for others. We can do it in our own way. I considered that I was graduated quiet late, comparing to my other friends who are mostly doing their masters now. Well, I am bound with KPM's rules. These are some pictures that I would like to share.

Michelle and I
Say Cheese!!!

Partner assignment terbest di dunia

Michelle, Bob and I

With my classmates

Madonna of UPSI

Jessica and I (before studio photo shoot)

Mummy, Nasrin and I
Best friends forever~! <3

With Jooraimie Bieber, Partner in Crime of Mamak UPSI
Amoi... (Nasren pun mengaku amoi haha)
Manusia Panjang

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