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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Make the best of being jobless

Well, basically I am lazy bump because I have not been doing any part-time job since May. It means it has been 4 months I have been doing nothing except for studying for the KISSM course and attended my graduation in Tanjung Malim. Although there are zillions of comments and complaints of us being not posted to schools yet, I am trying my best to make the best of being jobless. Every seniors whom have asked about my postings would advise that I should take this opportunity to relax. Well these are the things that I think take places in my life for these 4 months.

1. Reading all the books that I haven't read. 

I promise to myself that I wouldn't purchase any books anymore. Well, I am wrong. In fact, I visited Harris  (the bookshop that is near to my home), seduced by the 'RM19.90 FOR EACH SELECTED BOOKS' and ended up buying 3 books. They are Love's Shadow by Ada Leverson, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath (a kudos for English lit students), and The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster. Up-to-date, I have another 23 books to be read. The sole reason that I don't read these books is because I found out that they are good books but I was too busy with assignments, academic writings and reading and teaching practical.

2. Appreciating friends with self handmade pop-up card.

I love paper craft. Everyone who is closed to me would know that I would spend some times just to make them a handmade card. Recently, I sent some of my friends with these cards through snail mail. Well, the stamps to any domestic places in Malaysia has been increased to 60 cents and for bigger cards it is 80 cents. (Well, I did roll my eyes to the stamp counter girl coz it cost me more then RM5 just for stamps. Well, I am jobless with not enough money. RM10 is a lot. lol)

Taken from Jessica's facebook

3. Arranging, rearrange and rearrange my room.

Yeah, I have a new room. Well, my mum has sold several books shelves before we leaved Keningau and it ended up I have no room for my books. I decided to keep books that I would read or reread on the shelves and leave others in boxes.

Additionally, I have a new big and sturdy desk. I really mean it, It's big and I could even keep my cosmetics, fan, laptop, study lamp, some books, rattan baskets and still have rooms for other things. Thanks to my mum!

4. Preparing for teaching.

I made a new name tag, and for that I changed my name into 'FADZILLAH CHIN' instead of 'CHIN'. I rearrange the endless collection o baju kurung and scarfs. I asked my mum's permission to bring the new iron and rice cookers in case I am going to be posted far away from home. Rereading teaching theory and grammar books. Tapi postingnya tak jugak... :((

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