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Sunday, September 4, 2011

My first haul: My HG (Holy Grail) Skin Care.

Being a patient of eczema, I have a very, VERY sensitive skin. My skin is sensitive to the extent that there were several times I went to the emergency room due to my allergy reaction. Being a woman that has eczema, I DO have an urge to get beautiful face skin. I have tried many skin products that claim that I would have porcelain-like skin. To my disappointment, my eczema became worst and I have acne here and there. There is one GOLDEN RULE that I learnt as a woman and consumer; price and popularity do not determine the quality and suitability of the product on you. To this extent, these are the products that I am still using and think that I am suitable to them. Check it out!

1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
I am not a make up wearer as I am sensitive even to cosmetics. I've tried several mineral make ups, still they don't suit my sensitive skin. You could get the information of this product in here. Well, this is the most gentle skin or face cleanser that I ever use in my life. It doesn't give any burn or tight reaction after I wash my face, and it doesn't dry up my ready dried face skin as well. In fact, I really love the emollient feeling after washing my face. 

2. Eucerin Sensitive Skin Balancing Toner

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As we all know that eczema couldn't be exposed to alcohol, Eucerin's toner works very well as it refreshes my skin everytime I wash my face. Additionally, it is fragrance and alcohol-free.  It delivers its purpose to refresh and purify your skin. But the most important thing here is I am really comfortable with this toner and it just feels like you are swiping your face with fresh water before you moist your skin. 

3. Eucerin White Extra Treatment Serum SPF 40

Picture is taken from here

To be honest, there was several times I had acne problems and it leaves scar and pigmentation. This serum delivers it results very well. My mum noticed the changes on my skin after using it for few months. It is non-greasy and easily absorbed and need to be used before you apply any moisturiser on your skin. Plus, I love the fact that this serum has high SPF that suits the tropical weather in my country. This serum cost me around RM70, if I am not mistaken.

4. Olay White Radiance, Intensive Whitening Lotion, SPF 24
The picture is taken from here

I have to admit this. I NEVER want to try this moisturizer because I was afraid that I am allergy to it. When I get its 30ml sample in Cleo mags, I just keep it in my drawer, till one day I feel that my skin is very dry and I was about to be exposed in the sun for my extra curricular activity in campus. I was running out with my Eucerin, and 'pasrah kepada kehedak Ilahi'. I used this to cover up my skin. To my surprised this lotion works well on my skin. I have no allergy reaction and there's no acne popping on my skin after I applied it. I finish the 30 ml samples and being too confident, I switched to an expensive line of skin care and there it went. I have allergy reactions and acne as well. I've been trying to use other skincare for sensitive skin but it was failed. Recently, I went out and decided to get my Olay white radiance lotion again, and it never fails. Love this one so much! and the price is only RM24 for 75ml, that would last for maybe 6 months. Olay is a trusted brand. There's a lot of people that I know use Olay especially Olay Total Effect. I admit that I use OTE once before, it is good but I couldn't stand the fact that it makes my skin became oily. I gave my OTE to my sister-in-law and I could see how her face skin is improved and her colleagues couldn't believe that she is using Olay Total Effect. I guess that it works well with normal skin. 

I realize that I am using so much whitening product. I live in a tropical country and need spf, but at the same time I am allergy to UV protector. I really hope that this post would help other who have sensitive skin like mine. However, this is not the only way to prevent my allergy reaction. I have food and environment allergy as well. Therefore, I take several precautions and steps  to prevent the reaction. I shall talk about that in other post.Well, till now, I have to do my morning run tomorrow. Hasta La Vista.

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