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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Raya; in my own definition.

For raya, I could see how every or maybe, almost Malaysians spend so much time and money for its preparation, including my family. My mum would be stressed out, nephews and nieces would be yell at for being naughty, people starts to nag and more hearts would bleed in Ramadhan. Raya is everything to everyone, even to the none Muslim friends as it is a major celebration in Malaysia.

For the past 6 years, I am being different with Raya. I would tell excuses like 'Tiket Mahal' and making that as my sole reason would always lead people to make a sad face to me. In fact, I am just lazy. No baju raya, no hustle and bustle to reach airport and fly, it;s just me, my assignments, and my laptop.

The bottom line is, why we are so serious in celebrating Raya. It's a celebration and celebration should make us happy. Why do we need to stressed up to buy Baju Raya while we have tonnes of it in our wardrobe?. I might sound different, I might sound that I am too minimalist in everything, yet I really think that we have gone too far from the real meaning of Raya.

I told my mum few days back that I really wish a slow and steady raya. We just cook for family and relatives, go for Raya pray, salam-salam and eat. There is no need to be angry for the curtain is not ready and for the baju raya is not done. Raya is by the way, a mark for the end of Ramadhan; the month that we should be bother off.

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