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Friday, October 28, 2011

101 Survival Tips: Practical Teacher, IPSAHAN’S experience {Part 1}

I am lucky because I was selected to be in TESL Twinning Programme in which I experienced both campus life (in UPSI) and in Teaching Institute (IPSAH, Kedah). To be honest, these two places are totally different. In my degree programme, our teaching practical is managed by our teaching institute (in my case , IPSAH). Sharmila was my teaching partner in  an all girls school (nama dirahsiakan). To be honest, my first week was tiring and I could tell you most of my classmates (we were living on the same floor) slept almost all noon and evening. We were exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. However, I am lucky that my mentor teacher is very helpful and my supervisor is super cool! There was once I was nearly crying because I was relieved that I met my bed to sleep(*drama queen) . Talking to more than 80 students in a day can be tiring (* another sign of drama queen. I wonder why I don't make it to Hollywood! LOL).

As I reminiscing my experience as a practical teacher, I was thinking that there are several tips that I could share, although you might experience different things from me. In this post, let’s talk about your first day or week at school. Hope that this would help you a lot!

1.     1) Sleep early
Sleep early so that you could wake up earlier. I could tell you that my day start at 4.30 am- 5.00 am EVERY DAY for 3 months. In case that you are afraid you can’t sleep early, jog for 2 km at the day before. You would fall asleep easily. Or simply do anything that make you fall asleep. Why do we need to sleep early? Believe me that you need that 7-8 hours sleep per day because GOD knows what would you go through in the next day. You need you energy and sometimes after the first week you would YEARN that 7-8 hours sleep. Unless if you are used to the sleepless night and still could survive for the next day. 

2.     2) Come early to school.
You have to be there starting from the first bell rings. Hey, who would like  a teacher who always come late to school? And this is important for the Principal, Guru Kanan and Guru Pembimbing’s first impression.

3.     3) Murah Senyuman J
E    Even though that you are nervous, and you are shaking like there is an earth quake in the school office, remind yourself that it is going to be OK, and you would be ‘in the school family’ during your practical, that the situation would be normal soon. Sikap mesra membuatkan orang senang bekerja dengan kita, honestly. Tapi, jangan pula terlebih mesra till the teachers think that you are a schizo. lol

4.      4) Bring all the documents, lesson plan book, surat pengenalan diri.
Only ONE reminder-Pack earlier, a day before your practical. You don’t want to drive all the way to your dorm just to pick up a paper named ‘Surat Pengenalan Diri’.

5.      5) Lesson Plan Book, Form(s), Port Folio.
If you are IPG students, I believe that you are familiar with these things, and believe me, although it looks simple, yet you have to prepare a lot of things and you would be SUPER BUSY during your practical. Wrap your lesson plan book and file earlier, fill all the forms in the book and port folio. Before you start your practical semester, don’t forget to snap a latest passport photo coz it would be definitely needed.

6.       6) Time Table
This is totally depending on your luck. Sharmila and I are separated; I had Morning session and Sharmila had afternoon Session. Most of these things are already pre determined by the Guru Kanan and you could say nothing. In case that you don’t get the same session with your partner, and you can’t share transport; JUST PREPARE WITH PLAN B. 

The bawah garisan  bottom line is just be well-prepared. Teaching practical can be your worst nightmare or could be the sweetest memory ever!!! 

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