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Monday, October 10, 2011

Bookmark Problem Solved!

So that, the other day I made a status in my Facebook, telling that I don't like the idea of using bookmark while reading (even though I lobe to make them and give them to friends) because;

1) I keep losing them, it keeps falling down from the pages.
2) I keep losing the page where I stop, and it is ineffective.

I received different opinions from my friends.

So, for years, I keep folding a crease on the page where I stopped reading (or where I fell asleep!). My books are always dogeared.

Dogeared Burgess' favourite book.

The Enemy in the Blanket (Direct translation of Musuh Dalam Selimut-The third  part of Malayan Trilogy)

Then, I found the idea of cutting the edge of an envelope so that I could tuck in the page where I stopped. I really hope that this bookmark would not fall down from the page. However, the cons of this bookmark is it is made from thin paper and I found that it is difficult to open the edge everytime I want to mark the last page where I stopped reading.

The edge of the envelope that I cut to be a bookmark.
Then, I had the idea of googling the origami bookmark. I found that it is easy, interesting and elegant and cost u not more than 5 cents (perhaps). I found several ideas and start to fold my own bookmarks. These bookmarks are awesome because;

1) It tucks easily into the page as it is made from normal paper, but folded several time into thick folds.
2) It is cheap, elegant, beautiful and simply, I love Japanese art.
3) I would not losing my bookmark easily.

These are several bookmarks that I folded myself and I include the link that provide you with videos and instructions.

Triangle Bookmark

You could check this at here

The Mark of Love

Well, this one seems tedious to be done, but it looks beautiful at the end.

Well, you could check Fold Something Website for the instructions and videos. Additionally, this guy is cool, he has how own channel Youtube that consists of many origami instructions.

Bookmark Problem Solved! :)

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