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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making The Most of Being Jobless-Origami Crane Mobile {Part 3}

Testing my unpolished photography skill

Love them!
For God sake, I spent 12 hours doing this origami crane mobile. At first, I was doing them (without the beads) with common thread that we use to sew our clothes. It happened that the strings strangled among each other while I was hanging the crane. I was to the extent of giving up, but then my mum suggest that I should use fishing rope to tie the cranes, and I added some beads to make it beautiful, and tied them to an unused basket that we get in Malaysian version of dollar store. I placed the basket upside down so that it had a lantern-like shape for me to tie the strings. TADAA!!!


♥zatty♥ said...

they are so cute ! maybe i should give them a try. hee :P

NC said...

in fact u should zatty, it really changes the colour of my room

♥zatty♥ said...

alrite,let see. gonna post it once i've tried :)