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Monday, October 24, 2011


In case, if you are wondering, YES, I am one of the 201 B.Ed TESL graduates from the 'Program Berkemban Berkembar B.Ed TESL Kerjasama IPGM dan Universiti Tempatan'. Until now, we don't have our postings whereas my seniors had their postings like a month after they finished the degree course. 6 years ago, I never thought that I would be unemployed for 5 months. I had my life well-planned and I even dreamed of paying my own ride and bills by this month. To be honest, I am avoiding this issue to be discussed in every family gathering. Even my 5 years old nephew would ask 'When will you get your job? I want my McDonald Kids Meal! and I want my rabbit', and if I could, and if I would, I wanna answer him ' Well, sayang, I don't even have my own money to buy a deodorant'. My savings are gone and we keep waiting for something with uncertainties. I don't get any part time jobs because no one wanna employ for a pre-service government servant who might be called at any time, anywhere. And yes, in case if you are wondering, I am whining! Reports and news show that Malaysia are lack of English teacher. There are 201 of us who are fresh and eager to teach! 

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