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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My experience; SPP Interview

Yes, I did prepare (3 days before the interview). Since I am living in Sepanggar, I decided to drive from my home to Wisma BSN at 6.15am. I reached the destination at 7am. (I was the first one to arrive, no one was there except for the friendly Pak Guard, whom ask me "INTERVIEW SPP?"- yeah, I know my Cikguish look). Then, there were several others DPLI students, so sesi berkenalan dijalankan secara singkat.

SPP Kota Kinabalu

Later, a nice lady called us for registrations. She checked every details, we need to sign the form and she checked our documents, and I was assigned to group 1, with 2 other DPLI's and my 2 TESLIANS friend from other IPG; Fairiz and Nicholas.

The interviewer is a Dato'. What could I say about him is he is a cool and nice man. Tenang dari segala segi, banyak memberi nasihat dan dorongan. Memang serba serbi baik, dan soalan yang ditanya amatlah praktikal, masuk akal walaupun memerlukan sedikit KBKK. Berikut ialah soalan yang ditanya kepada saya dan soalan berkumpulan;

a) Sila perkenaklan diri anda.
Nama, asal, universiti, umur (we are the youngest), pengalaman bekerja.

This is a special question to me as he browsed through my documents. H e said that memang jarang jumpa yang campur super rojak.

c) Boleh berbahasa Mandarin?

d) Sudah berpunya?
My response: seperti kerang busuk, tersengih menjawab 'belum...:D", lepas tu dia tengok  cikgu2 lelaki then kami gelak ramai2. He said 'Begitulah  cikgu, boleh faham bahasa  badan tanpa perlu kita berkata apa2". Then when he asked my other friends, and they said 'belum berpunya", he looked at me alone, (as the other kakak DPLI sudah pun berumah tangga HAHAHAH)

Soalan betul2 hanya ada dua. He said that TESL teachers were required to answer in English.

e) Mengapa lifelong learning amat penting?

f) Apakah ciri-ciri RPH yang baik?

This is from the net. I forget what is the source.

Then dia sum up. He said, Selamat maju jaya, selamat berkhidmat menjadi guru. Before that ada dia bagi nasihat dan dorongan. Thanks to Allah that we had a super nice and humble Dato' as our interviewer...Sejuk je hati...I guess that my SPP is not the worst nightmare. Cuma kena berusaha, berdoa dan tawakkal.

Fairiz, Me and Nicholas (After the interview_

I am ready to fly 'like a G6 'to KL tonight (Off to packing!)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Toilet Vs Loo Vs Lavatory

"Nevertheless a welcome note of physical practicality struck because Marianne need the bathroom - what she referred to in those days as the lavvy or the lav but she would one day come to learn was called The Lavatory, or The Loo, and never, ever The Toilet. Unless you were being ironical" (Yesterday's Houses, Mavis Cheek)

Which one is you? (Picture is from here)

I was attracted to this line in the new novel that I bought from The Times Book Fest for only RM3 (Click here). For me or us (referring to the Malaysian situation), it is ALWAYS and FOREVER 'The Toilet'. Perhaps you may ended up with a wet trousers if you ask 

"Kak, mana loo paling dekat kat sini?"
Pastu kakak tu jawab "Gua tengok loo kecik besar kcik besar" (haha lame joke.Sorry)


"Aunty, can I know where is the lavatory ah?"

I realize that 'toilet' is acceptable in my society. Because people might think that you are kinda rude when you ask,

"Bang, jamban kat ne?"


"Uncle, tandas di mana?" (This one is quite acceptable jugalah)

So, being a nerd person who love to read spend much time on the net, I googled about the usage of the loo,lavatory and toilet. My brief research tells me that it's not only about toilet, lavatory and loo. There are other names that are used as a noun referring to this cubicle which mainly serves the same purpose. (Ahem, you know what I mean). 

However, that's not the end of it. Mr. Google shows that instead of the different vocabulary, the usage of words is actually a mirror of a person social class (as being portrayed in the 'mukadimah sentence'). Later, it leads me to the discovery of U and Non-U English. Well, it is beautiful how language could define your background. The main character in the novel that I am reading is a strong example of self realization. Language plays a beautiful role of defining each person and emotions. 

" The vocabulary list can often appear quite counter-intuitive: the middle class prefers "fancy" or fashionable words (even neologisms), often euphemisms, in an attempt to make themselves sound more refined, while the upper class in many cases sticks to the same plain and traditional words that the working classes also use, as they have no need to make themselves sound more refined, conscious of their status."(Wikipedia Encyclopedia

English is different from the Malay language in term of most of the vocabularies that are used in the palace are totally different from the language that is used by the middle class. However, it is different from English that we couldn't use the 'bahasa Istana' in order to make (what Wikipedia referred as..."  sound more refined, conscious of their status.)

Well, I guess that Malaysian would stick to 'the toilet'. Well, as long as the receiver could understand that 'toilet' is jamban, tandas, washroom or whatever we called it. You don'y want to have wet trousers just to sound more refined or just because that you are conscious with your status. 

p/s Now, I regret that I don't register for Sociolinguistic . There must be many interesting topics in that course. I took English for Science and Technology instead, in which would be abolished in Malaysian schools. Soon. Sigh...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Second trip to the Book Fest

Another 16 books 
OK, now that I am broke. I made a second trip to the book fest and this is what I harvest, another 16 books for only RM48. Now I can say that I get enough.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Times Book Fair at 1Borneo Hypermall!

Book lovers, avid readers and bookworms! Hate me now! Because I manage to buy 16 books for only RM 48. RM3 for each book!!!

Guilty Pleasure!

Book Fair

Times Book Fair
Date: 03 Nov 2011 (Thursday) - 13 Nov 2011 (Sunday)

Times Book Fair @ 1Borneo Hypermall Time/Venue: 11am - 10pm at Lower Ground Floor, Centre Atrium

Well, my intention was to go to the mall at noon but my mother was worried with my allergy condition and my skin was too red. She didn't give me her permission to go. (Well, I am 24, well you know at this age in any Asian family, you still need to obey your parents). However, she did ask me later whether I am still interested to visit the fair. She said that she would drive me to the mall at night since it would be a little bit cooler. We went to 1Borneo right after Maghrib prayer and the workers are very helpful. I really had a blast and thank you mum for always being there for me.

p/s By the way, I am kinda late to know this thing and I know this through my friend. My friend managed to get Da Vinci Code for only RM3.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

101 Survival Tips: IPSAHAN Practical Teacher, {Kudrat Seorang Guru Pelatih}

Ini bukan post 'mata ke langit tangan ke bahu'

"Eh, takpe cikgu, kami memang suka buat kerja!" (Google)

The truth about teaching practical is, we are always being asked to do some favours; helping with other teachers' ABM, helping other teachers with their clerical works, athlete trainers (walaupun anda jog setahun sekali), competitions judges, janitors, computer programmers (although you know that you are a noob with your own laptop) , counsellors, cooks (walaupun rate anda ke dapur hanya pada cuti semester), stage manager (walaupun sebelum ini anda bergegar tahap gunung berapi  sebelum naik pentas), technician (walaupun anda sudah terlupa segala ilmu Kemahiran Hidup) and so on. And, it is normal as ‘insan biasa’ we could always hear that our seniors or friends sigh on this matter. It wasn’t an exception for my friends and I. Even if we are tired tahap cipan dan ultraman  from the slepless nights of completing the lesson plans and juggling with other works, sometimes we still say 'YES'. Yes, sometimes we act like SUPERHUMAN with 'kudrat seorang guru praktikal yang tidak seberapa'

Juggling with jobsSsSs

Multi tasking!

As a headmistress in a school, my mum is seasoned with experience of practical teachers. My mum would always advising me to be more ‘ringan tulang’. But my mum , (being my mum who always rock my world) gives me another tips as well.


That was her words before I stepped on my bus to Kota Kinabalu. I didn’t have the chance to ask her about what does it mean. I learnt about that till the end of my practical days.

Acapkali kita terdengar rungutan guru pelatih kepenatan dan kadang-kadang sikap guru-guru veteran yang suka membuli. That’s the ugly truth. Bila mana kita disuruh buat kerja-kerja tambahan semasa praktikal kita akan tetap berkata ‘ya’ di mulut tapi ‘tidak’ di hati. Apa yang ingin saya katakana di sini ialah jadilah manusia yang JUJUR dan perbetulkanlah niat sebelum ke sekolah.

Begini, bukan tujuan kita untuk mengampu para  guru menunjukkan kita rajin bekerja. Tapi percayalah, secara automatik kita akan diberi tugas tanpa kita minta. Maka, jika kita disuruh melakukan sesuatu pekerjaan, lakukanlah dengan seikhlas hati kerana kita ingin menimba pengalaman dan mencari ilmu. Selain daripada itu, JUJUR lah kepada diri sendiri dan kepada rakan sekerja. Sekiranya anda benar-benar tidak mampu membuat tugasan berkenaan, mohon maaf kepada mereka, ataupun jujur kepada mereka yang kita boleh siapkan kerja tersebut selepas kita siapkan kerja lain. Tetapi janganlah pula kita menggunakan alasan 'guru pelatuh banya kerja' sebagai cara anda untuk melepaskan diri. Guru-guru di sekolah adalah orang-orang yang berpengalaman and they had been in our shoes before.  Percayalah, dalam mengecapi kemanisan segulung ijazah, pelbagai ranjau, onak, duri, lopak, longkang dan laut yang perlu kita tempuh.

Kenapa saya katakan kita harus JUJUR? Tanpa kejujuran di hati, tidak mungkin kita akan IKHLAS melakukan sesuatu tugas yang dibuat secara terpaksa. Tanpa KEIKHLASAN di hati, kita akan merana melakukan tugas itu dan tidak mungkin kita akan seronok bekerja.
Praktikal adalah medan bagi kita untuk mengenal diri kita sebagai pendidik  dan memperbaiki diri sebelum kita keluar ke dunia pendidikan sebenar. Percayalah, sekiranya kita ikhlas untuk meringankan tulang, kita akan menjadi manusia yang bertanggungjawab.

Ya...di akhir 3 bulan itu, saya baru fahami apakah yang ibu saya maksudkan sebagai


This is not my mum, but definitely this lady rawkss! 

*takde kaitan...bye. LOL

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book Review; Land Below The Wind

Title: Land Below The Wind
Writers: Agnes Keith
Total Pages: 371
Prices: I don't know
Duration of reading: 4 days
Rating: 3 stars

Looking at the title of this book, you might think that it is about something scientific on plants or animals from the rich tropical jungle of Borneo. Well, it's not. This book could be categorized as an autobiography of Agnes Keith, a famous American writer who followed her English husband who was on duty in Sandakan, Sabah. The book wins one star as Agnes injected her personal view of life in Sabah in each chapter. The book is written in non chronological way but it is organized through several chapters that focusing on one issue at one time. Throughout reading, I could feel how western and eastern culture are differentiated thorugh Agnes' perspective on the native Sabahan.

The sarong covered book
What make me excited the most is when Agnes did write about Keningau, the place that I claimed as my hometown as I grew up there. Besides that, it is exciting when people write about your place, before you were born. I even have the chance to visit the location where this book is written. I am going to visit Agnes Keith's house soon in Sandakan.

Agnes Keith is an artist. This woman really can draw. The book does not only come with words but it comes with Agnes' memoir in her drawings.The book that I borrowed from my friend, Darick is a secondhand book and we could see the name of the previous owner at the front page of the book, and it is covered with batik motif fabric. This book is published in 1949, well yeah I am reading a book that is older than me. I spent 4 days smelling the musty smell of this book but as an avid reader, it is a heaven smell. 

Agnes Keith is  talented in drawing. This is one of her beautiful sketch.

The front page of the book which the name of
the previous owner is written.

However, there are several points that give me the reason of not giving this book more than 4 stars. The story is sweet and charming but is doesn't satisfy my hunger as a reader. The book should include more exciting plots that made the readers wonder rather than serve the facts and the writer's point of view on a silver platter.