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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book Review; Land Below The Wind

Title: Land Below The Wind
Writers: Agnes Keith
Total Pages: 371
Prices: I don't know
Duration of reading: 4 days
Rating: 3 stars

Looking at the title of this book, you might think that it is about something scientific on plants or animals from the rich tropical jungle of Borneo. Well, it's not. This book could be categorized as an autobiography of Agnes Keith, a famous American writer who followed her English husband who was on duty in Sandakan, Sabah. The book wins one star as Agnes injected her personal view of life in Sabah in each chapter. The book is written in non chronological way but it is organized through several chapters that focusing on one issue at one time. Throughout reading, I could feel how western and eastern culture are differentiated thorugh Agnes' perspective on the native Sabahan.

The sarong covered book
What make me excited the most is when Agnes did write about Keningau, the place that I claimed as my hometown as I grew up there. Besides that, it is exciting when people write about your place, before you were born. I even have the chance to visit the location where this book is written. I am going to visit Agnes Keith's house soon in Sandakan.

Agnes Keith is an artist. This woman really can draw. The book does not only come with words but it comes with Agnes' memoir in her drawings.The book that I borrowed from my friend, Darick is a secondhand book and we could see the name of the previous owner at the front page of the book, and it is covered with batik motif fabric. This book is published in 1949, well yeah I am reading a book that is older than me. I spent 4 days smelling the musty smell of this book but as an avid reader, it is a heaven smell. 

Agnes Keith is  talented in drawing. This is one of her beautiful sketch.

The front page of the book which the name of
the previous owner is written.

However, there are several points that give me the reason of not giving this book more than 4 stars. The story is sweet and charming but is doesn't satisfy my hunger as a reader. The book should include more exciting plots that made the readers wonder rather than serve the facts and the writer's point of view on a silver platter. 

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