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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Times Book Fair at 1Borneo Hypermall!

Book lovers, avid readers and bookworms! Hate me now! Because I manage to buy 16 books for only RM 48. RM3 for each book!!!

Guilty Pleasure!

Book Fair

Times Book Fair
Date: 03 Nov 2011 (Thursday) - 13 Nov 2011 (Sunday)

Times Book Fair @ 1Borneo Hypermall Time/Venue: 11am - 10pm at Lower Ground Floor, Centre Atrium

Well, my intention was to go to the mall at noon but my mother was worried with my allergy condition and my skin was too red. She didn't give me her permission to go. (Well, I am 24, well you know at this age in any Asian family, you still need to obey your parents). However, she did ask me later whether I am still interested to visit the fair. She said that she would drive me to the mall at night since it would be a little bit cooler. We went to 1Borneo right after Maghrib prayer and the workers are very helpful. I really had a blast and thank you mum for always being there for me.

p/s By the way, I am kinda late to know this thing and I know this through my friend. My friend managed to get Da Vinci Code for only RM3.


Maryam aka Kazumi said...

16 buah untuk RM 48 ringgit?
wah, betul2 dah jeles nih..
Bestnya kak dayah..

NC said...

err..kak dayah sapa tu dik? hehe..yes, rm3 kena pandai pilih, nnt juling mata hehe

Lays Liau said...

Jelouss oh sy kak.. bila lagi ada book fair yg akn dtg? uhuhu ruginya kmi blum balik sbh tau..

NC said...

Dorang mau pg kuching lepas ni, kakak tny td