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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Promoting A Blog; Life and Its Chapters by Siti Nur Izzati Shuib

Hello readers! Well, this post would be different from other posts. No book reviews, personal ramblings like a schizo. HAHA. I am going to promote a blog of Life and Its Chapter (Click Here) which is written by my junior in college, that we called Zatty or Siti Nur Izzati Shuib from ALOQ SETAQ, KEDAH DARUL AMAN yang ku cintai. Apart of being my junior in college, she is also my TESL junior, my ex roomate’s friend. I couldn’t recall how I met her for the first time, but I am certain that she was one of the girls who stared at me when we arrived IPSAH after 2 years being in UPSI. I think most of their first impression was ‘Kak Ella, Kakak Senior Garang Cam Harimau’ coz I didn’t smile while cleaning my room since I had a jetlag. (*,*)
The cute header of Zatty's Blog

I don’t have the chance of knowing Zatty for a longer time. I just know her for a year. However, since I was living in the same block with her, I always met her on the stairs, in jamban, washing room, block compound, fire drill and block meetings, and of course with our ketua blok terchenta Ismi Afiqah! (Ada gak minah ni masuk HAHA). Zatty is a cheerful girl and kadang-kadang dia ngan geng dia punya melawak tak leh tahan nak gelak. And, Zatty ni seorang yang sangat pembersih dan pengemas. I could gurantee that coz bilik dia mmg superb!!!(Nampak sangat suka g bilik orang, heee malu....)

I ain't sute, is this zatty or not?

But I never know that Zatty has a blog too and she has many readers than mine. Why do I love her blog? Well, apart of posting meaningful events in her life, I love the content of her blog. Some of the posts are short articles about Islam, motivation, relationships, student life and even health. Pembacaan yang santai sambil menambah ilmu pengetahuan gtewww. Therefore, that is one of the reasons why do I follow her blog, apart from she is my junior and I am simply being busy body seorang senior yang prihatin (konon!)

I really hope that Zatty would be a successful teacher one day. I could see that she is a hardworking type of girl and always being there for her friends. Secara jujur, rasa agak terkilan coz I don’t have enough time with mu juniors back in college because we were too busy with life, assignments, thesis and practical. Well, peeps, don’t forget to visit and follow her blog . I know that you would like her articles and girls who love pink, beware, you might ended up eating your laptop screen since she has a lovely and sweet pink blog skin.

Visit Life and Its Chapters

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Hello peeps! Sorry that I have not been really active updating book reviews and so on. For these 8 months of being unemployed, I have led a very unproductive lifestyle.  Jogging pun sekali sekala because I am avoiding the heat due to my worsening eczema condition, but Alhamdulillah, with my doc's advice and treatment I am getting better. Never being better within this 1 year.

This is Post-It Note

I know that most of you know what is Post-It-Note. According to Mr. Wiki Post-it note (or Sticky Note) is a piece of stationery with a re-adherable strip of adhesive on the back, designed for temporarily attaching notes to documents and other surfaces".   Among my friends, I am well-known as a 'Post-It-Note' girl. Why? Because I am a TO-DO-LIST person. I make lists of things everyday;What-to-do list, Life Schedule, Plan, Notes, Peringatan, Kata-kata amaran, Motivation quotationsm dan Kata-kata nista..haha..I am joking. That is the way how I organize my life. These are some of the evidences.


You could see the Post-It under my red dashboard and the
white wall  under the lamp  used to be congested with them
I post it everywhere. I don't have latest gadgets, smart phones and plan not to have one, so I rely on Post-It-Note so much. I wanna make my life simple so I organized my life using papers, calendars and planner. But recently I give a thought of producing less thrash to save our earth.

So, I came out with a resolution with my excessive Post-It-Note abused usage. Taraaa...

I get this mini black blackboard from Daiso 1Borneo and it costs me RM5 for the board, RM5 for the liquid chalk. Yet, I still need my Post-It-Note to make some notes. Well, mental notes are sometimes unreliable  for me. However, this mini blackboard is a bless. :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A diary of an Atopic Eczema patient.

Oh Yeah!

I rather use my left hand when  I'm handling things that requires me to show my palms to anyone. I know that it is considered rude, yet I couldn't help myself when strangers think that my right hand is disgusting with what they called 'kudis' or rashes. I love to use the words rashes compared to 'kudis'.

Food is always being a big issue for my family. Since my eczema comes and goes, sometimes I did indulge myself on Cockles. Cockles is the only seafood that I like. I couldn't tolerate with prawns and cuttlefish or any other crustaceans, and recently I found out that I couldn't tolerate with poultry. I am getting more and more sensitive and sad when I see my family and friends indulge on nice food whereas the only option I could have is having Fish n Chips or McD Fish O Fillet everytime I went out with friends. It's not their fault, I know, it;'s me. I rather think that I am a selected strong person to have eczema rather than pitying myself coz it makes me feel bad and sad.

Weight lost was once a happy news for me. But not now, it has been 2 months that my eczema becomes severe and to this extent I have lost 8kgs without much exercising. I used to enjoy jogging but that activity would increase my body temperature and there was once I jog for 10 mins and running back home just to wash my body because my back started to itch.

All The Cool Kids Are Battling It

Please Mr eczema , leave me away. I promise not to harm my body in any way.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Washing Machine.

My  mum is an example of a traditional woman  in every aspect. Despite of the state that she always encourages me of doing something advance or thinking out of the box, she is reluctant in trying new home gadgets. Another classic example is upon choosing our car system. The fact that driving automatic car is easier wouldn't fade away her love for manual car. The reason is she is afraid that the car wouldn't stop or she would be trapped inside the car. Yeah, I know its funny but I have to deal with it.

The same thing happened to the washing machine. Although my mother know that using automatic washing machine is way easier than the manual one, she keeps giving me reasons such as ; nanti baju cepat rosak, nanti kena guna banyak air and so on. The process of manually rinsing the clothes is very tiring and it is hazardous to my super sensitive skin as it would be directly exposed to the detergent even if I am using a pair of gloves. I couldn't stand it anymore and I told my mum, I need to send my clothes to the dobi  coz I coudn't stand washing my clothes and start scratching. 

That's it. Since my eczema has became the big issue in my family, my mum sent the old machine to the other house, which is now rented by other family. It has served my family for 9 years. We went to SenQ and surprisingly my mum chose to purchase the front load washing machine. Beyond my expectation!. It seems my mum has gone out from her safety zone. For the first time in my life I spend less than 30 minutes to wash, rinse, spin and hang my clothes. I could spend the 3 hours doing something else. Like I said before (click here), even I am living with my mum now, clean clothes is always one of my simple pleasure.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Book Review; The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

Title: The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind
Writers: William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer
Total Pages: 300+ pages
Prices: RM16.90 (On discount at Harris, 1Borneo. Normal Price: RM69.90)
Duration of reading: 3  Days
Rating: 4.5 Stars

In late 2006, a Malawian newspaper first wrote about a remarkable young man from a remote rural village north of the capital city. This is his story." (William Kamkwamba Channel, YouTube)

The Cover of The Novel (Photo is from here)
If a person ever come to me and ask, "What are the books that have touched your hati batu heart?", I would definitely answer, "Other than 'The Last Lecture by Randy Paush" it would be "The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer". The book is not only about a true story about a boy from Malawi who created windmill, but it is a bout a journey of creating hope of its people. Living in poverty, William was a dropout  from school because his family couldn't afford the school fees. However, it was not the end for William. He continued to learn,dream and struggling to do his independent learning. (To read more about the summary of the book, you could go to William Kamkwamba's website)

This story is remarkable and totally inspiring. As I read the novel, I realized that it is not only about William's journey in creating the windmill and and achieving his dream to provide electricity and water to his village, it is more about life. There was once I closed my eyes (literally!) when the writer described about the starvation crisis that faced by the Malawians. Besides that, this novel is a melting pot of several issues such as family bond, friendship and obstacles in life, and it totally give me a lesson to stand up for what you believe. Additionally, the novel also provides several pictures of William with his windmill.
Wind Guy (picture is from here)
William's house and his windmill. (Picture is from here)
William's story is written by Bryan Mealer who stayed with William's family for several months in order to write the book. I love the minimalism that Bryan brings in his writing. The way he wrote the story is simple, yet the message is clearly conveyed to the reader. Last but not least, this book is worth to be read. Like seriously, this book should be in the list of books that you need to read before you die.

P/S I had visited Harris, Kota Kinabalu a week ago. There is still a pile of this title that is sold on its discount price. People might not know about this book. KK clanz, take ur chance. Grab one of this.

Book Review; Evening Is The Whole Day

Title: Evening Is The Whole Day
Writers: Preeta Samarasan
Total Pages: 389 pages
Prices: RM16.90 (On discount at Harris, 1Borneo. Normal Price: RM59.90)
Duration of reading: 5  Days
Rating: 3 Stars
My Copy of "Evening Is Whole Day", a crane origami
and the fuchsia futon.  

I have been eyeing on this title for a long time. I read a review on this novel in Cleo Magazine years back at campus, and when there was several attempts to buy this respective book, I kept diverting my mind to other books. Until recently, on my monthly visit to Harris, I managed to find this book at only RM16.90. There was only 1 book left, and I grabbed it. However, I found this book was only sold at RM5 in the Aftermath Big Bad Wolf Book Sale.

There are many hypes on this book. Some says the story is great and some says that the writer is good in writing sentences that are full with beautiful adjectives but lack of plots. When I typed this, I remember my funny linguistic lecturer,  whom once gave us a tip on how to write a long essay for our exam, in case we are running out of idea.

"Writing is like kuih chakoi. You make the kuih with a small piece of pastry and it becomes 3 times longer and larger once you put it in the wok. It same goes with your writings, just add adjectives, and you would have a long string of sentence with 1 idea" (Sadly, this tip doesn't work on me, coz I would try and try, frantically memorize all the theories before exam which would be drained a minute after I walked out from the exam hall. LOL)

Anthony Burgess (one of my favourite writers of pre colonialism genre), said that, there are two kinds of writers, A-writers and B-writers. A- writers are storytellers, B- writers are users of language.

Reading this novel, I found out that Preeta is a B-writer. She beautifully explained the panorama and phenomenon in the 'Big House' (where most of the plots take place), however there are lack of 'ommph' in term of juicy plots. Elements of mystique are injected on how Preeta portrays the culture of Malaysian Indian that made the story a bit interesting. Besides that, I could say that the story is a bit of being 'trying hard' to mold the element of patriotism that made some of the events a bit unnatural. 

Being an avid reader, however I think that this book is worth to be read because as A Malaysian, we are lack of English writer who is well-known internationally. Although there are several critics from other book reviewers (that are basically not Malaysians) that Preeta used a wide range of local vocabulary, I think this is one of the way why I feel quite closed to the story as I finished reading them. Probably, the publisher could consider of providing glossary, (for example in Anthony Burgess' book; The Malayan Trilogy) that gives a brief meaning of the local vocabularies. 

3 Stars for this book. If Preeta is writing another book, I might give it a try because, based on my reading experience, a writer's second book would always be better

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Book Sale.

Yeah! I made it to the Aftermath Big Bad Wolf Book Fest that was held in South City Plaza in Serdang from November 24 till 28 (Click Here). Since I could only make it at the second day of the fest, most of the good books were gone at the first day itself. I lived in a budget hotel near Masjid India and in order to go to the book fest, I took LRT to KL Sentral , and my journey continued with KTM to Serdang. I did study the map a day before my flight (and interview! Geez) and I figured out that the mall is only a walking distance from Serdang KTM station. However, I couldn't figure it out how to go to the other side of the highway and most of the people that I had asked around suggested me to take a bus. Later, (since I wasn't confident with my navigational skill, I simply took a cab, which suprisingly only cost me RM7. 

As I walked into the mall, I couldn't see any books lying anywhere. I started to worry coz I found this information on the net and not many talked about this. However, the book fest was held at the other side of the mall and as I walked in to the hall, all my senses got lifted and the smell of new books could drive me crazy. MOST BOOKS WERE ONLY SOLD AT RM5!!! And I thought that I was the first one and I thought that working people didn't bother to go to the fest on weekdays. Well, I was wrong. They were hundreds of them bringing a shopping cart, travel luggage with troleys, even several TESCO shopping bags to put their books in. Well, guess how I did mine? I simply borrowed a box from one of the workers to carry my books ( which at the end koyak rabak, because the books are too heavy)

Well, since I was taking a flight home, and since I had to deal with my other stuffs, I know that I couldn't spend much. I spent RM120 for 24 books! YAY! and another RM20 for a cheap bag pack coz I knew that I couldn't carry the books for travelling across KL. 

On my way to the fest, I had a breakfast at McD, and I found a young woman stared at my head. Suddenly, the woman pronounce my name loud and clear enough and the woman is actually Jenna, my senior in UPSI. And on  the way back to Masjid India, I met my beloved senior (Jenna's classmate), Kak Tielia. Memang Jodoh! 

Well, what do I think of The Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale?The name represents the fest well. Book shoppers should be aware that this fest is the 'Aftermath' of the previous Big Bad Wolf Bookfest, in which I basically had a crossed-eyes after 30 minutes browsing the books. Since I am a person who love the smell of new books and the shiny or matte front cover, I became a person who judged the books by its cover. I collected around 30 books and manage to eliminate some books so that my purchase would't exceed my budget (or mum would chase me around Masjid India) . I am literally weak when it comes to bookfest. There is always a tendency to spend more money and my hands couldn't stop picking up the books. Once I had made up my mind, I would simply put the eliminated books away, without turning my head on them, and thanks  God, till now this trick is working on me.

In conclusion, apart of carrying the books and hassling with crowds in the train, I did enjoy myself. Happy Reading Peeps!