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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Book Sale.

Yeah! I made it to the Aftermath Big Bad Wolf Book Fest that was held in South City Plaza in Serdang from November 24 till 28 (Click Here). Since I could only make it at the second day of the fest, most of the good books were gone at the first day itself. I lived in a budget hotel near Masjid India and in order to go to the book fest, I took LRT to KL Sentral , and my journey continued with KTM to Serdang. I did study the map a day before my flight (and interview! Geez) and I figured out that the mall is only a walking distance from Serdang KTM station. However, I couldn't figure it out how to go to the other side of the highway and most of the people that I had asked around suggested me to take a bus. Later, (since I wasn't confident with my navigational skill, I simply took a cab, which suprisingly only cost me RM7. 

As I walked into the mall, I couldn't see any books lying anywhere. I started to worry coz I found this information on the net and not many talked about this. However, the book fest was held at the other side of the mall and as I walked in to the hall, all my senses got lifted and the smell of new books could drive me crazy. MOST BOOKS WERE ONLY SOLD AT RM5!!! And I thought that I was the first one and I thought that working people didn't bother to go to the fest on weekdays. Well, I was wrong. They were hundreds of them bringing a shopping cart, travel luggage with troleys, even several TESCO shopping bags to put their books in. Well, guess how I did mine? I simply borrowed a box from one of the workers to carry my books ( which at the end koyak rabak, because the books are too heavy)

Well, since I was taking a flight home, and since I had to deal with my other stuffs, I know that I couldn't spend much. I spent RM120 for 24 books! YAY! and another RM20 for a cheap bag pack coz I knew that I couldn't carry the books for travelling across KL. 

On my way to the fest, I had a breakfast at McD, and I found a young woman stared at my head. Suddenly, the woman pronounce my name loud and clear enough and the woman is actually Jenna, my senior in UPSI. And on  the way back to Masjid India, I met my beloved senior (Jenna's classmate), Kak Tielia. Memang Jodoh! 

Well, what do I think of The Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale?The name represents the fest well. Book shoppers should be aware that this fest is the 'Aftermath' of the previous Big Bad Wolf Bookfest, in which I basically had a crossed-eyes after 30 minutes browsing the books. Since I am a person who love the smell of new books and the shiny or matte front cover, I became a person who judged the books by its cover. I collected around 30 books and manage to eliminate some books so that my purchase would't exceed my budget (or mum would chase me around Masjid India) . I am literally weak when it comes to bookfest. There is always a tendency to spend more money and my hands couldn't stop picking up the books. Once I had made up my mind, I would simply put the eliminated books away, without turning my head on them, and thanks  God, till now this trick is working on me.

In conclusion, apart of carrying the books and hassling with crowds in the train, I did enjoy myself. Happy Reading Peeps!


Ibrahim Ismail said...

I admire the flow of ideas in your writing, like seriously. Only if there are some pix.

Ps. Why did you go to KL, again?

NC said...

The pics would be updated later. coz it is in my mum's camera.

Go KL for jalan2...hehe