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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A diary of an Atopic Eczema patient.

Oh Yeah!

I rather use my left hand when  I'm handling things that requires me to show my palms to anyone. I know that it is considered rude, yet I couldn't help myself when strangers think that my right hand is disgusting with what they called 'kudis' or rashes. I love to use the words rashes compared to 'kudis'.

Food is always being a big issue for my family. Since my eczema comes and goes, sometimes I did indulge myself on Cockles. Cockles is the only seafood that I like. I couldn't tolerate with prawns and cuttlefish or any other crustaceans, and recently I found out that I couldn't tolerate with poultry. I am getting more and more sensitive and sad when I see my family and friends indulge on nice food whereas the only option I could have is having Fish n Chips or McD Fish O Fillet everytime I went out with friends. It's not their fault, I know, it;'s me. I rather think that I am a selected strong person to have eczema rather than pitying myself coz it makes me feel bad and sad.

Weight lost was once a happy news for me. But not now, it has been 2 months that my eczema becomes severe and to this extent I have lost 8kgs without much exercising. I used to enjoy jogging but that activity would increase my body temperature and there was once I jog for 10 mins and running back home just to wash my body because my back started to itch.

All The Cool Kids Are Battling It

Please Mr eczema , leave me away. I promise not to harm my body in any way.

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