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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Hello peeps! Sorry that I have not been really active updating book reviews and so on. For these 8 months of being unemployed, I have led a very unproductive lifestyle.  Jogging pun sekali sekala because I am avoiding the heat due to my worsening eczema condition, but Alhamdulillah, with my doc's advice and treatment I am getting better. Never being better within this 1 year.

This is Post-It Note

I know that most of you know what is Post-It-Note. According to Mr. Wiki Post-it note (or Sticky Note) is a piece of stationery with a re-adherable strip of adhesive on the back, designed for temporarily attaching notes to documents and other surfaces".   Among my friends, I am well-known as a 'Post-It-Note' girl. Why? Because I am a TO-DO-LIST person. I make lists of things everyday;What-to-do list, Life Schedule, Plan, Notes, Peringatan, Kata-kata amaran, Motivation quotationsm dan Kata-kata nista..haha..I am joking. That is the way how I organize my life. These are some of the evidences.


You could see the Post-It under my red dashboard and the
white wall  under the lamp  used to be congested with them
I post it everywhere. I don't have latest gadgets, smart phones and plan not to have one, so I rely on Post-It-Note so much. I wanna make my life simple so I organized my life using papers, calendars and planner. But recently I give a thought of producing less thrash to save our earth.

So, I came out with a resolution with my excessive Post-It-Note abused usage. Taraaa...

I get this mini black blackboard from Daiso 1Borneo and it costs me RM5 for the board, RM5 for the liquid chalk. Yet, I still need my Post-It-Note to make some notes. Well, mental notes are sometimes unreliable  for me. However, this mini blackboard is a bless. :)


nasrinjohari said...

hahahha. ko buli ging sama my mom. die punye whiteboard bukan main gedabak besar. hahahahah.

NC said...

Plan to have one white board, but mummy wouldnt allow us to drill the wall