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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Promoting A Blog; Life and Its Chapters by Siti Nur Izzati Shuib

Hello readers! Well, this post would be different from other posts. No book reviews, personal ramblings like a schizo. HAHA. I am going to promote a blog of Life and Its Chapter (Click Here) which is written by my junior in college, that we called Zatty or Siti Nur Izzati Shuib from ALOQ SETAQ, KEDAH DARUL AMAN yang ku cintai. Apart of being my junior in college, she is also my TESL junior, my ex roomate’s friend. I couldn’t recall how I met her for the first time, but I am certain that she was one of the girls who stared at me when we arrived IPSAH after 2 years being in UPSI. I think most of their first impression was ‘Kak Ella, Kakak Senior Garang Cam Harimau’ coz I didn’t smile while cleaning my room since I had a jetlag. (*,*)
The cute header of Zatty's Blog

I don’t have the chance of knowing Zatty for a longer time. I just know her for a year. However, since I was living in the same block with her, I always met her on the stairs, in jamban, washing room, block compound, fire drill and block meetings, and of course with our ketua blok terchenta Ismi Afiqah! (Ada gak minah ni masuk HAHA). Zatty is a cheerful girl and kadang-kadang dia ngan geng dia punya melawak tak leh tahan nak gelak. And, Zatty ni seorang yang sangat pembersih dan pengemas. I could gurantee that coz bilik dia mmg superb!!!(Nampak sangat suka g bilik orang, heee malu....)

I ain't sute, is this zatty or not?

But I never know that Zatty has a blog too and she has many readers than mine. Why do I love her blog? Well, apart of posting meaningful events in her life, I love the content of her blog. Some of the posts are short articles about Islam, motivation, relationships, student life and even health. Pembacaan yang santai sambil menambah ilmu pengetahuan gtewww. Therefore, that is one of the reasons why do I follow her blog, apart from she is my junior and I am simply being busy body seorang senior yang prihatin (konon!)

I really hope that Zatty would be a successful teacher one day. I could see that she is a hardworking type of girl and always being there for her friends. Secara jujur, rasa agak terkilan coz I don’t have enough time with mu juniors back in college because we were too busy with life, assignments, thesis and practical. Well, peeps, don’t forget to visit and follow her blog . I know that you would like her articles and girls who love pink, beware, you might ended up eating your laptop screen since she has a lovely and sweet pink blog skin.

Visit Life and Its Chapters


fatihah azemi said...

wowowwww..haha..akak, tu gmbar mira, rumet tihah tu :)

NC said...

TEHAH!! akak tau! zatty br gtaw..malu nyaaaaa hahahaha

fatihah azemi said...

haha..biasalah tu,,geng depa selalu je org tertukar..tehah pon tatau knape :)

Izzati Shuib said...

haish.ape nih. tu bukan mira lah. tu k.wani. hahaha~

fatihah azemi said...

aaaaaaaaaaahaha..macam mira =.=