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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Washing Machine.

My  mum is an example of a traditional woman  in every aspect. Despite of the state that she always encourages me of doing something advance or thinking out of the box, she is reluctant in trying new home gadgets. Another classic example is upon choosing our car system. The fact that driving automatic car is easier wouldn't fade away her love for manual car. The reason is she is afraid that the car wouldn't stop or she would be trapped inside the car. Yeah, I know its funny but I have to deal with it.

The same thing happened to the washing machine. Although my mother know that using automatic washing machine is way easier than the manual one, she keeps giving me reasons such as ; nanti baju cepat rosak, nanti kena guna banyak air and so on. The process of manually rinsing the clothes is very tiring and it is hazardous to my super sensitive skin as it would be directly exposed to the detergent even if I am using a pair of gloves. I couldn't stand it anymore and I told my mum, I need to send my clothes to the dobi  coz I coudn't stand washing my clothes and start scratching. 

That's it. Since my eczema has became the big issue in my family, my mum sent the old machine to the other house, which is now rented by other family. It has served my family for 9 years. We went to SenQ and surprisingly my mum chose to purchase the front load washing machine. Beyond my expectation!. It seems my mum has gone out from her safety zone. For the first time in my life I spend less than 30 minutes to wash, rinse, spin and hang my clothes. I could spend the 3 hours doing something else. Like I said before (click here), even I am living with my mum now, clean clothes is always one of my simple pleasure.

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