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Monday, January 30, 2012

Of beach, school and Labuan

This is my first year of teaching. Officially posted to school and officially live my life as an adult. Although Labuan is not that far from KK, everyone knows that things are a lil bit expensive here. Plus, there is no much choice of shopping places in Labuan. School is getting busier but I am totally fine (another sign of workaholic). One thing that Labuan could change about me is to appreciate simple pleasure and nature. My school is just a walking distant to the beach. Yesterday, Anis and I went to the beach and I collected several sea shells for a decoration in my new 'home'. Here are the piccas...

Anis, the French Language teacher

I am high with the sea breeze


Collecting shells

Path of life

Ombak Rindu Musim 2

Sea Shell


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