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Monday, February 20, 2012

My own Hogwarts; Activities in classroom

Honestly, being a St. Franciscan is totally different of being a teacher in a prestige boarding school. People say that I am lucky enough to get brilliant students, but they never know what do face in school. Some people say "Ala, senang lah jd cikgu, keje separuh hari gaji besar" . Ahem, tanpa ada prejudis di sekolah harian, teknik dan vok, atau SBP, cikgu kini bekerja seawal jam 6.15am sampai ke jam 4, tak termausk kalau anda juga dilantik jadi warden.

I am now having a massive culture shock. Never being in boarding school before. Masa persekolahan saya adalah masa yang menggembirakan. Sekolah saya boleh dikatakan sekolah yang cemerlang, we did enjoy extra curricular. Tapi di sini, sebagai cikgu saya rasa amat payah. I did enjoy teaching, memang best sangat SANGAT dapat mengajar anak2 brilliant. Kalau kes nakal sikit tu amat minor. But I always remind myself that , life's is not a bed of roses. Kerja perkeranian memang banyak. kadang-kadang rasa kecewa dengan diri sendiri kerana tidak dapat dan tidak sempat berfikir untuk lesson di dalam kelas. Jika dulu masa praktikal, kami berhempas pulas menyiapkan worksheet, lagu, powerpoint, well say bye bye to all that.

Some of my friends are posted to SBP as well. Memang susah payah kami rasa ni memang sama. One of my gfs complaint that she is too exhausted to even plan a lesson. To be honest, as a new teacher, we are REALY REALLY motivated to teach. However, the motivation turns into dust once we were bombarded with workloads. So, I tell my friend that we should have stop relying on ABM just to make our lesson interesting. but how?..Any idea...I shall start with "start preparing a lesson that doesn't require us to prepare a bombastic material", maybe it would go with the activity itself.

Right now I am applying 'these' in my class.

Teachers are human too!

1. The concept of 'NEW TEACHER'
I made a tag from manila card that written 'NEW TEACHER'and simply use a rope to tie the card. In every lesson, I would select several different students to talk and 'teach' certain stage of the lesson. Example, he or she is required to be the 'NEW TEACHER' to discuss the answer of a worksheet. (Mind you, with the real teacher guidance). It;s fun, and it's bost students' confidence to speak English.

2. Using whiteboard (instead of burning the midnight oil) and create a creative activity.
Example, crack the code game (an intro to a lesson), and so on. Jigsaw reading, jigsaw listening, station etc etc. ( adapted techniques in story telling, English teacher you should know this)

3. Sometimes I did book the SAL room. Bring songs to class, get the students to sing at the top of their lung, but of course with purpose.

If you have something to share here, you are most welcome. :) (need a sleep)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012