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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Header blog baru!

Okay babeh! This is my confession. I am a computer noob. Well, not that noob, but noob enough to give up trying photoshop, excel and so on. I am so jealous with those, especially girls and women bloggers who have  a beautiful layout. Well, since I believe in minimalism, I choose white as my layout. If you remember, my first handmade layout was a quirky combination of my painting in 'Paint' and my convocation picture. I found it unique, ugly but in a pretty way. Wohoo!

Tomorrow, I am going back to W.P Labuan. I have nothing to be done today and basically teman ibu ke gedung 1 Borneo. Beli blouse katanya. (Cerita ini tiada kaitan). By the way, I went back and felt that something has to be updated with my blog. I found this picture, taken months ago. By deriving the same concept of my old header, this is what have I done...

The picture is a reflection of mine on the small mirror, on top of my books. I dont know what are the significances of the UFO and giant daisy. So, don't mind to ask.

This is how I spent my last day of super precious holiday. :)

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