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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I had such a quiet experience (of love)

“What is this poem all about?”

Krukkk..krukk...krukk..krukk...(ibarat bunyi cengkerik berpesta di kegelapan malam)

Suddenly a girl raised up her right hand, unconfidently.

“It’s about playboy, teacher”

Bingo. Her answer was not accurate, but it indicates that she got the idea what is the poem all about.

I was teaching a poem entitled “He had such a quiet eyes” .

The poem is an advice to girls on relationship.

I was a girl,  and I was once a teenager (and thanks God that I was a good one too BAHAHA). All I had was curiosity. I wonder what is so special of being in love, and I wonder why do the elders in my family will always advising me not to get into relationships in my high school.

Love is a mystery. It can be a splendid thing but I can’t explain what it is all about.  Been in a relationship before, but I never know what it is all about. Sometimes I do think that I am clueless about this issue. And it makes me wonder how am I going to aesthetically teaching this poem to my students... 

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