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Saturday, April 28, 2012

'Keropok Lekor' Attack

"Cik Fadzillah, anda diminta untuk ke Kuala Terengganu"

Here we go again. So, I was away approximately for 2 weeks. Few days in Kuala Lumpur, then I was off to Kuala Terengganu. Terengganu is a peaceful state. An as educators, we are amazed by the number of straight A's students in Terengganu. I was given a chance to stay in IPG Kampus Batu Rakit, the new building. This new campus are meant for the development of English Education. And guess what, the new rooms are well equipt with air-conds, and bathrooms too! WOW!

So what is special about Terengganu?
First of all, we have keropok lekor all the time. Terengganu have their unique eateries named ICT that stands for "Ikan Celup Tepung". They have fish, squids and prawns even for tea.

Sg Ganu

Tasik Kenyir (MAS FLIGHT TO KL)

And, I LOVE PASAR PAYANG! except with the fact that I am saving for my new car, so I couldn't buy myself a nice silk Batik.

On the second day, we managed to visit Taman Tamadun Islam and Masjid Kristal. It is situated next to Sg Terengganu (I guess?). And I could say Masjid Kristal is Malaysian Taj Mahal. Masha Allah, it's very beautiful.

And I manage to meet my coursemate, Farina...But due to my tight schedule, I cant visit her home. :(

What I learned from this trip?
Well, I was in Terengganu for debate competition for teachers. And I was in KL for the intensive training. I learned a lot about debate. But overall, I could say that debate teach me how to be diplomatic and how to express my opinions and how to convince others. And the rest is history. :)

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