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Saturday, May 5, 2012

1 Malaysia

Here is the situation.

I am chasing each and every student in order to fill in the form for our drama competition. Why? Because of their races. They're being friend since Form 1, and they NEVER BOTHER to ask what is one's race and religion. :)

And when I ask their friends' races, a blur confused expression starts to appear on their faces.

"Sorry teacher. I don't know what is his race"

No. They don't wear this everyday. 

If you are living in Borneo, this is a normal situation.

Even I, people will always confuse what my race is.

Yeah, if you ask me, we don't have the policy of 1 Malaysia since the post independant era, but you don't have to tell Borneons how to live and tolerate with each other.

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