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Friday, June 1, 2012

What I've been doing with my life?

To be honest... what could I tell you on what am I thinking of my life now is like this...

I have been living in a fog since April 2011. After graduating, I didn't know what would happen. 8 months of unemployment and I received sugar-coated promises. Basically, I was doing NOTHING. Life weren't progressing and my eczema and asthma became worst. It seemed that I have fallen down thousand times through this year. Most of my university mates are not yet posted. Our hopes were crushed, I was very frustated. Hope was a walking dream and it seemed that it tend to run away from me.

Finally, I got posted in Sekolah Berasrama Penuh in January. And things seemed to move too fast. Works were too hard and I did not get my salary for three months since I am a new worker, and they had to process the form.

Everything is chaotic. I can't handle my life. My eczema is still there. Sometimes I wonder why do I think of being a teacher at the first place. The truth is ugly. I can't see what happened in future. I can't lead my life. I start to compare my teaching profession with my other friends who receive much better salary.

Till recently, I decided to buy a car. My first property ever. I received my salary. And suddenly I am aware that my life is full with responsibilities. It's May, and i don't have my new year resolution and I was not interested to have one because I lost my hope at the end of 2011. For real. For the first time, I was demotivated .

Well, I talked bad things about falling down. How bad the feeling was. But, as Oprah said "So go ahead. Fall down. The world look different from the ground". I feel that I should forgive myself for not being perfect. I shall forfive myself for everything wrong that had happened.

Now, I should stand on my own feet. I should know how to manage my life. I don't wan't to feel bad anymore. So, here I am, presentingmy Not-So-New-Year life resolution..

Get a ride and improve my driving skill.

Mine is not TRD

Encik Dolphin Puteh (the name that I have given the car) is here. Memang terketa-ketar awal driving. But,    I should start to stand up for myself. I should be brave. No one would help me.

To save at least RM *600 from May 2012 to May 2013

Oh no! I save my muah-ney in the bank. Of Course!

The aim is to save 25 % of my income every month. But, I have to be realistic. I have to set up my home.

To lost 15kgs of my weight.

I know it's a hideous picture

I HAVE TO LOST MY WEIGHT. Current plan is HERBALIFE. Gonna write another part of my weigh lost journey.

To read at least 1 book per month

Heaven of books, perhaps?

Keep on moving eventhough it would be 3 pages a day.

To exercise 3 times per week

I am joining ZUMBA in UMSKAL. Hopefullt it wouldn't be a disaster.

To khatam Al-Quran

At least 1 page after Maghrib. Insha Allah

Going to Australia by 2013

I am selected as Guru Pengantarabangsaan, and there is no way to run.





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