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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why do you choose to be a Muslim?

" So, why do you choose to be a Muslim?"

It was a simple question,
asked by her,
who I barely know in  the 3 hours ferry,
hanky panky ride to home,

Kaison, Daiso, Shopping
and all kind of Capitalism, Comsumerism and Hedonism ideas flow freely in my brain.

I can't answer her,
on that time.
It was not a provoking question,
I guess.
But it sends me a spark,

"Why do I choose to be a Muslim"
I am born to be one.
Something that I have inherited from my family.
What kind of Muslim am I?
Am I the one who simply
following the flow?

The question is simple enough
to start a mechanism of Islamism.
At least in myself.

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