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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Yerp, so much things happened in my life. My life is 360 degrees different from my previous teenagers era. I used not to have much money, crave to travel, wish that I have a ride wish that I am 'that' woman with a career.

And now, I am the 'woman' that I want to be. The grass is definitely green at this side, the but good always comes with the bad. Too many tests and obstacles, yet what doesnt kill me , will (of course, drive me crazy sometimes) don;t kill me.

Moga Allah tetapkan kekuatan ini , moga dimurahkan rezeki, moga terus diberi kesihatan yang baik untuk mendidik anak-anak yang diamanahkan ini. Amin

Yes, I lost some extra baggage

and eczema has gone away